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10 Surreal Places In Ottawa That Will Make You Feel Like You're In Another Country

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Ottawa anymore.

Summer in Ottawa is a blast, but if you're craving a vacation and you're broke AF the options to escape can be hard to find. Whether you want to travel to Italy or Mexico, there are places in Ottawa that will totally make you feel like you're in a different country. 

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If you're trying to get the f*ck out of Ottawa, but can't, these 10 places are sure to make you feel like you've left Ottawa. 

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Nordik Spa-Nature // 16 Chemin Nordik

This spa will totally transport you to the world of zen. Here you can have a wonderful spa day and feel like you're not even close to Ottawa anymore.

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Montavani 1946 // 87 Murray St

This adorable gelato and dessert cafe will totally give you Italy vibes. Montavani sells tasty desserts and is located opposite of a wood oven pizza and beside a scooter shop, can it get more Italy than that?

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Zoe's Lounge // 1 Rideau St

Would you like a crumpet with your tea? Zoe's Lounge is located in Ottawa's Castle On The Hill: The Fairmont Chateau Laurier. This lounge will make you feel like you've landed in a British high tea with William and Kate.

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Playa Del Popsical // 809 Bank St.

This hidden gem will transport you straight to the beach. The popsicle truck is in the Glebe and sells refreshing homemade popsicles perfect for a hot summer day (and a cute insta).

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Aquatopia Water Garden Conservatory //  2710 March Rd

Enter the largest indoor water garden in Eastern Ontario, and yes, this is also a cafe. You'll feel completely secluded from the real world in this stunning glass conservatory.

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Calypso Theme Waterpark // 2015 Calypso St

This is Canada's largest theme waterpark and it will make you feel like you're on an island. If you want to escape Ottawa, beat the heat, and have a ton of fun, head to Calypso.

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Fiazza Fresh Fired // 86 Murray St

Escape to Italy at Fiazza. This is my absolte favourite pizza place in Ottawa. Here you can build your own pizza with exactly what you like, plus they have great vegan options. Fiazza is right accross from a gelato cafe so head here for dinner and there for dessert to escape to Italy for the day.

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Morrison's Quarry // Chelsea, QC

Just 30 minutes out of Ottawa this hidden swimming hole will for sure make you feel like you're not in Ottawa. Clear water, amazing views, and a slide for anyone to use, Morrison's Quarry is a perfect summer getaway.

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Diefenbunker // 3929 Carp Rd

This underground bunker was meant to house government and military officials during the Cold War. Now this bunker has been transformed into a 60 minute escape room by Escape Manor and is totally worth a visit.

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Feleena's Mexican Cantina // 742 Bank Street

Head to Mexico for lunch or dinner at Feleena's Mexican Cantina. Here you will eat delicious Mexican cuisine as well as feel like you're on a vacation.