As frugal students who are living off OSAP loans and Mr. Noodles, we often find we can only afford the main course at a restaurant; or, really, just the appetizers. Maybe just even a glass of water.

Good news: Satisfying your sweet tooth in Ottawa actually isn't too costly on the bank and shouldn't be too much of a financial guilty pleasure. Ice cream, donuts, or a cookie sandwich are all within the bounds of our Visa limits. Here's 10 sweet treats you can find in Ottawa that are under five dollars:

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Kronut // Art-Is-In Bakery

Price: $4.25

Fried donut dough pastry, sugared and flaky like a croissant.

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Small Pimped Soft Serve // Sweet Jesus

Price: $4.95

Gourmet soft serve located centrally in the ByWard Market. Sweet Jesus' menu is ever-changing, but if there's one guarantee, it's that you'll never actually see the soft serve. The amount of toppings is unholy.

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SuzyQ Doughnuts // SuzyQ Doughnuts

Price: $2.00 (per donut)

Donut variations include maple bacon, cookies n' creme, blue vanilla fruit loop, and many, many more.

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Cinnamon and Sugar BeaverTail // BeaverTails

Price: $4.50

The classic, the penultimate. A simple buttered pastry with cinnamon and sugar. Sweet and simple.

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Edible Cookie Dough // LunchBox

Price: $4.00 (for four), or $1.25 for one.

Delectable edible cookie dough served in small cups. Flavours include M&M's, Nanaimo Bar, peanut butter cup and Reece's Pieces, among others.

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Everyday Cupcakes // V's Cupcakes

Price: $3.25 (each)

The cupcakes at V's are ever-changing, but their everyday cupcakes are there to always ensure sweet tooth security. Some of the many permanent flavours include salted caramel and Nanaimo.

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Popsicle // Playa Del Popsical

Price: $2.50

Popsicle flavours include watermelon and kiwi, chia strawberry, amongst others. Popsicle flavours on the menu often change.

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Macaron // Macarons et Madeleines

Price: $2.25 (per macaron)

Colourful French desserts crafted in a genuine French bake shop.

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Obama Cookies // Le Moulin de Provence

Price: $2.85 each

The most presidential of desserts in Ottawa. Former U.S President Barack Obama brought these home to his family after his first visit to Ottawa in 2009.

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Cookie Sandwich // Strawberry Blonde Bakery

Price: $2.75

Two fully vegan cookies with a choice of icing on in between. Whether you're going for chocolate mint or vanilla chocolate chip, you'll be satisfying your sweet tooth while not breaking your vegan diet.