10 Things That Have 100% Happened To Everyone In The ByWard Market At Night

The crossroads of life in Ottawa.
10 Things That Have 100% Happened To Everyone In The ByWard Market At Night

Without a doubt, one of the most cherished sites in Ottawa is the ByWard Market. Some of the most iconic sights in Canada's capital can be found in this historic neighbourhood. The first BeaverTails shack that was built in Ottawa, for example, is located here. Of course, let's not also forget Zak's Diner and the Rideau Street McDonald's are also in the vicinity of this beautiful part of town.

But, let's also not forget that the ByWard Market is the heart of Ottawa's nightlife. It's without a doubt the most popular destination for bars and clubbing in the city, and many people can attest having stumbled into Zak's drunk or taking a bathroom selfie at El Furniture Warehouse. We've all shared the same experiences in this part of town. After all, it's the crossroads of our city.

Here are 10 things that have probably happened to you in the historic ByWard Market at night:

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1. You've ended up at this God-forsaken wasteland.

The most infamous fast food joint on Rideau Street.

2. You passed by a guy playing a guitar in front of here.

And he was playing music really, really loud.

3. You made a life regret here.

No comment.

4. You've walked by this really, really long lineup.

You probably even waited in the lineup at some point.

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5. And if you managed to get inside, you took this bathroom selfie.

The most famous bathroom in the ByWard Market. That lighting, though.

6. Chances are your night began or ended at Mackenzie King Station.

If you ended the night really late, you probably ended up at the bus station across from the Rideau Street McDonald's. A very scary place indeed.

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7. You've walked through this alleyway/courtyard.

Junxion Alley.

8. You've stumbled into here.

The holy land of all-day breakfast.

9. Or your night ended at one of the many shawarma restaurants (because Ottawa, right).

Castle Shawarma, 3 Brothers, Shawarma Deluxe. Just a few of the many majestic places that will rid your hangover before it even happens.

10. But you definitely didn't buy anything from here.

It's a shame it's attached to the BeaverTails shack, really.

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