Whether you're looking for a relaxing summer afternoon on the Gatineau River or if you're an adrenaline junkie, Wakefield offers an extensive amount of activities for people visiting from Ottawa-Gatineau. Just 30 minutes from Ottawa, this little town just outside Gatineau Park is the perfect day getaway close to Ottawa's downtown core.

Here's 10 things you should absolutely do to make the most of your next road trip to Wakefield:

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Rent a kayak at Expeditions Wakefield

You can rent a Kayak for $40 for three hours or $50 for a tandem kayak for three hours. Expeditions Wakefield, linked here, also offers canoe and paddle board rentals that you can enjoy on the nearby Gatineau River.

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Take a picture at the Wakefield Covered Bridge

Head inside the century-old iconic red covered bridge that was renovated two decades ago in 1997 after a blazing fire. You can also head underneath the bridge on the Gatineau River for some scenic photo-ops with the bridge's exterior.

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Take a dip at Morrison's Quarry

Have a picnic with the squad and take a dip in the clear blue waters at the quarry. The price to enter the quarry is $10, but this also includes parking, which is useful since the area can get pretty crowded in the summer months.

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Or jump off the nearby Great Canadian Bungee

The highest bungee cord drop in Canada and it's conveniently just 40 minutes from downtown Ottawa (or inconveniently, if you're afraid of heights). I'll never jump, but if you're interested, more info can be found here.

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Grab a patio lunch at Le Hibou

Share a plate of nachos or eat a delicious eggs Benedict during Le Hibou's weekend brunch. Now that summer's basically here, patio weather's well and alive, and Le Hibou offers the nicest outdoor dining in Wakefield. Conveniently right on the Gatineau River.

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Hike to the top of Vorlage ski hill

Or ski its powdered slopes in the wintertime. In the summer or fall, walking to the top of the hill gives ample views of the beautiful surrounding hills.

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Spend an afternoon relaxing at the Moulin Wakefield Mill and Spa

Escape from the city and relax at the spa in the old mill building. Whether you're looking for a massage, a pedicure or manicure or a little yoga day retreat, Moulin offers plenty of variety for relaxation.

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Go horseback riding at Captiva Farms

Take an introductory session for 30 minutes at a rate of $20. Already done an introduction? Take an adult ride for $45 (18 years or older). For more info, check here.

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Rent a paddleboat at Éco-Odyssée

Paddle through 70 acres of marsh and explore some of the nearby wildlife at this incredibly massive, green property. You can rent a paddleboat for two for $49.50 or a canoe for $30 (taxes included). For more info, check here.

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Grab an ice cream at Sur La Lune

Every good outdoor summer adventure ends with an ice cream cone. Fact. Enjoy some massively generous scoops of ice cream at Sur La Lune on the Gatineau River before heading back to Ottawa.