Perth, often considered the prettiest town in Ontario and rightfully so. This little town in the heart of beautiful Lanark County breathes rich culture and an age-old heritage that lives on through the grey brick walls of its historic buildings. It's a city of green parks, perched on the Tay River, surrounded by untouched nature and one of Ontario's most picturesque provincial parks.

If you haven't already visited this small town, now is the utmost perfect time. With spring soon in bloom and the warm weather coming in, some of Perth's best restaurants will be opening up their patios. Now's the time to get out explore. The best part? It's all only an hour's away from Ottawa and makes for the perfect day trip.

There's plenty to do in Perth, but here's 10 things we think you absolutely have to do the next time you're there:

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1. Visit Stewart Park

Every trip to Perth has to start here. This picturesque and peaceful park embodies the charm of Perth and is perfect for taking a long walk or even having a picnic.

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2. Have some nachos on the canal patio at Mex & Co.

One of my favourite spots to enjoy a spring or summer day is on this quaint patio perched on the canal that runs through Perth. You could always enjoy some other quality Mexican fare at Mex&Co., but nothing beats a sharing plate of nachos and a few beer at this pretty spot in the downtown area.

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3. Grab a coffee and dessert at FieldHouse

This cute cafe serves as a solid stop to pick up some local, handmade pastries and a quick cup of coffee. They also sell some absolutely delicious sandwiches for lunch.

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4. Take a walk through Kiwi Gardens

A pretty 10-acre garden that's always worth an easy stroll and is even a great spot for taking some beautiful photos. For the 'Gram anybody?

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5. Wander around the old downtown.

The well-preserved heritage buildings in downtown Perth still maintain much of their old world charm and add to the unique beauty of the town. Whether its the iconic clock tower at the old town hall or the old restored Matheon House, coming here is like stepping into a different period.

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6. Grab a local brew at the Perth Brewery.

Cool down on a hot summer's day with an easy-drinking, handcrafted golden lager or a hoppy IPA at the town's local brewery.

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7. Relax at Cafe Bean

Another cute coffee shop that's beaming a vintage small town feel and a selection of absolutely wicked scones. They also have live music playing here on occasion.

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8. Canoe or kayak on the Tay River

Take a trip through Perth on the river that cuts through the downtown and spans across the entire township. You can rent a kayak or a canoe at the nearby Perth Outfitters. To find out more info, click here.

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9. Grab a bite to eat at the adorable Fiddleheads

This aesthetically pleasing restaurant is located in the heart of an old mill that's almost as old as Canada itself. Again, the building is just another embodiment of the old world charm that makes Perth so special, but Fiddleheads is also simply a fine pub.

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10. Visit Murphy's Point Provincial Park

Whether it's hiking, swimming or camping, Murphy's Point is the place to get in touch with nature just outside of Perth. Spend a day at the beach at Hogg Bay and definitely don't miss checking out the 100-year-old mica mine in the summer.

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