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10 Tropical-Themed Places That Will Make You Feel Like You Escaped Ottawa

Summer is a time for relaxation and soaking up the sun, it's also a time when a ton of people go on vacations. Whether they travel to Cuba or Hawaii, there's no doubt that we all would love to travel too. Yes there are some awesome things to do in the city, but nothing can beat chilling in a tropical paradise that's miles away from Ottawa.

Luckily, there are plenty of places in Ottawa that will totally make you feel like you're out of the country. These spots will give you instant vibes that you're chilling on the beach or a stunning resort. It's time to act like you're not in the city and head to these tropical themed places in Ottawa. 


Where: 350 Elgin Street

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From the banana leaf couches to the neon Aloha sign to the tropical drinks, you are in for a day in paradise at Charlotte. This tropical bar is perfect for a night out with your friends. This bar serves great tiki cocktails, some include Planter's Punch, Pina Colada, and Goggle Tan.


Calypso Theme Waterpark

Where: 2015 Calypso Street

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Calypso is Canada's biggest theme waterpark and you need to head to it this summer! It will totally make you feel like you've escaped from Ottawa and you've entered your vacation resort. From the epic wave pool to over 35 different rides, you will have a blast at this waterpark. This June they are opening an all new ride and we can't wait!


Casa Mexico

Where: 1489 Merivale Road

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The vibrant colours and authentic foods at Casa Mexico are sure to make you feel like you've teleported to Mexico. They serve up a variety of authentic Mexican dishes, some include amazing enchiladas and delicious horchata. This colourful restaurant is a small piece of Mexico hidden in Ottawa.


Morning Owl Coffeehouse + Parlour

Where: 229 Armstrong Street

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With this stunning leaf wallpaper, there's no doubt that this spot will make you feel like you're not in Ottawa for a bit. This new coffee shop just opened up. They serve up ice cream and coffee, so you are bound to enjoy your time here. If you haven't made your way to this cafe yet, now is the time to check it out.


The Baja Burger Shack

Where: 2960 Riverside Drive

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This bar on the beach will definitely make you feel like you're not in Ottawa for the day. Some of their drinks include strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas, and much more. Some of the food they serve up includes burgers (of course), veggie wraps, fish and chips, poutine, and kale salad.


Aquatopia Water Conservatory

Where: 2710 March Street

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You will be immersed in a world of plants while visiting the Aquatopia Conservatory. The stunning conservatory will have you feeling like you're in a garden paradise. They also have a stunning bistro that you can eat at with a reservation, it will be an experience like no other when you eat dinner here. The conservatory is a must visit if you want to escape from Ottawa for the day.


Zak's Cantina

Where: 10 ByWard Market Square

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Located in the heart of the ByWard Market, Zak's Cantina will make you feel like you're at a Mexican Diner. The rich aroma of delicious Mexican cuisine paired with the colourful atmosphere, you are bound to feel like you're not in Ottawa while you eat at Zak's Cantina.


Paradise Poké

Where: 134 Bank Street

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Paradise Poké is a true paradise escape. If you're someone that loves poké bowls then you will love this spot. From the leaf wallpaper to the neon Aloha sign, this is a spot in Ottawa that will make you feel like you're in Hawaii. They also serve up fresh coconut juice that you can drink straight from the coconut!



Where: 380 Elgin Street

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Even though the overall vibe of the restaurant isn't super tropical, their drinks sure are! Datsun serves up these super tropical cocktails. Some include Mai-Tai, Sake Sour, and Cheap Thrills. One tiki cocktail called Zombie comes with 3 different shots of rum served with a flaming lime!


Playa Del Popsical

Where: 809 Bank Street

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You will 100% feel like you're on a beach while enjoying a refreshing popsicle at Playa Del Popsical. This hidden spot in Ottawa serves up delicious popsicles from a cute teal food truck. From the colourful beach chairs to the sand around the truck, you are bound to feel like you're not in Ottawa!


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