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The 10 Types Of People You Will (Unfortunately) Find In Your Lectures

The fall semester has officially started, and summer is missed already. Your calendar is getting filled up with dates of quizzes and tests, your email inbox is overflowing thanks to Blackboard notifications, and your mom texts you back more than your friends do because they're probably studying (or napping to avoid studying).

Whether you're one of those people who goes to every class, or one of those people who don't know what your prof looks like until the date of your first midterm, by now you've probably been able to identify types of people you find in every lecture you have.

Let's review, shall we?

1. The KnowItAll (who really doesn't)

This is the person who basically raises their hand every time the prof breathes. They probably don't know the actual answer, but they definitely know how to make it seem like they do. But don't worry, at least one moment will come during the semester when they answer a question wrong so confidently that the prof has no option but to correct them. After this, they probably won't talk much again. So be patient, good things are coming your way.

2. The One Who Isn't Even In Your Class

The loyal friend who comes to their friend's every class, even if they're in another program. They spend the entire time on their laptop watching some obscure Netflix show or going through Buzzfeed quizzes while praying the prof doesn't call on them to answer a question. Actual friendship goals - I'll pray for you too.

3. The Guy Who Doesn't Read The Syllabus

Every time they raise their hand to ask a question, you know not to listen. "When's the next quiz?" "When will we get our assignment instructions?" "What chapter do we have to read?" Read. The. Syllabus.

4. The University's Next Top Model

Nail done, hair done, everything did. While most of us struggle to find clean hoodies in the morning, she probably woke up with her outfit prepared from the night before, right down to her heels that match her bag. When midterm season comes and we're all excusing each others' "I woke up like this" looks, she still looks perfect. No shade though, I'm inspired.

5. The One Always Ready To Leave

The person who sits in the back corner closest to the door with their jacket on the entire time. While all of us pretend to be interested and guilt ourselves into staying, they will start packing their bags 15 minutes before class is supposed to even end. You can think of them as a living clock for you.

6. The Hungry One

"Joey doesn't share food" comes to mind. Whenever you see them, they're eating. Before class starts. During class. After class ends. Usually always holding a takeout box. If you're sitting next to them, the sound of them eating probably drowns out the prof's voice because, let's face it, you're just as hungry too.

7. The Rare Bird

Once every few weeks, they'll show up and remind you they're in your class. But only the class before an assignment or quiz. You can always hear them going on about how well they "self-study" - until it's the day before an exam and they want you to tell them what the prof said.

8. The Forever Unprepared One

"Can I borrow a pen?" is something they've asked everyone in their row at least once. Seriously, if you regularly show up to quizzes without anything to write with, why are you even in university? But yeah here I have an extra.

9. The One Constantly Blaming It On The OC

Always running into class 15 minutes late saying "sorry, my bus was late"? You know who you are.

10. The Whisperer

This person tries to avoid your strict prof's "no texting rule" by whispering to their friends instead. Except they're not that good at it. You should stick to texting - I now know what you did last weekend.

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