If I haven't already made it clear, I love Instagram. But don't get me wrong I don't have Insta to see people's selfies (sorry selfie lovers). I love seeing photos of cities, landscapes, flowers, sunsets, and honestly anything that took effort (yes, I know selfies take effort.. I'm just not a fan).  

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There are so many Instagram accounts in Ottawa that are honestly so underrated. These accounts don't have the amount followers that they deserve.

via @graceetanng

Grace Tang // @graceetanng

I love this Insta account so much. She takes stunning photos of Ottawa and KNOWS how to take them. Her photos range from sunsets to city life to candids. If you love sunsets or time-lapse videos definitely give Grace the follow she deserves!

via @elmumford

Elisabeth Levesque-Mumford // @elmumford

If you love images that tell a story, then check out this Insta account. Her photos are clearly organized based on the story she wants to tell. She also has a second account dedicated to her photography and appointments she has had.

via @danatabaja

Dana Tabaja Hreich // @danatabaja

Dana's Insta account is stunning. She has got her filter theme locked and it is perfection. Dana's account consists of photos of her adorable child, candids, and amazing photos of Ottawa (side note Dana is literally #MomGoals).

via @nicholasplacephoto

Nicholas Place // @nicholasplacephoto

This Insta account is absolutely stunning. From amazing photos of events to unreal flower shots, Nicholas knows how to take a unique photo. Definitely give Nicholas Place the follow he deserves.

via @ingcorporated

Amanda // @ingcorporated

If you love food posts, check out this Insta account. Her account consists of food, events, and cute candids. Amanda knows how to set up a delicious looking photo of food (I warn you you'll be hungry after checking out her account). She also knows where the best Shawarma's are (for all the shawarma lovers out there).

via @abiraebar

Abbey Bartlett // @abiraebar

Abbey has got her theme on point. If you love blog style Instagram posts you'll love this account. She posts cute drawings from time to time really making her account pop. If you love clean and minimal photos, definitely give Abbey a follow.

via @avolossov

Alexei Volossov // @avolossov

Looking for unique, one of a kind photos of Ottawa? Look no further. Alexei knows the right angles and colours needed for a stunning photo. His photos are so vibrant which I absolutely love.

via @axgela

Angela Trinh // @axgela

Calling blog lovers. This account is perfect for you to follow if you like blog style posts. Angela also posts some amazing food photos and if you're a sweet tooth you'll appreciate most of them.

via @brandon.lind

Brandon // @brandon.lind

Ummm... that photo is unreal. He managed to make winter look nice (which is pretty difficult). Brandon takes really unique photos of Ottawa and if you love quality photos definitely give him a follow.

via @evelynnqq

Evelyn // @evelynnqq

Simple. Clean. Minimal. This Insta account is so aesthetically pleasing. Nothing is too busy or scattered and every image suits the theme. If you like clean accounts definitely check out this account