11 Adorable Restaurants To Take Your BFF To On Their Birthday In Ottawa

Food is the best gift.
11 Adorable Restaurants To Take Your BFF To On Their Birthday In Ottawa

Your best friend, your go-to, your ride or die. They know all your secrets, and they don't judge you for it. You celebrate them every day, but picking up their coffee order for them or getting them their fav ice cream when they're sad is just what friends do. You shouldn't pass on their birthday because you do things for them every day of the year, this is their day!

Whether your birthday is next month or 10 months from now, it's never too early to start planning right? So tag your BFF and let them know you got their back. Their birthday is the most special day of the year (next to yours, of course) and you want to celebrate the shit out of them. So here are 10 adorable restaurants to take your BFF to on their birthday.

Das Lokal // 190 Dalhousie St

Take your BFF here if: they love to share their food on Insta. This place is aesthetically pleasing, and their food looks unreal. Do it for the insta!

Social // 537 Sussex Dr

Take your BFF here if: they like the finer things in life. Social is French cuisine, but it's also a laid back restaurant. The decor will make pictures look so nice, and your friend will definitely be able to indulge.

The Savoy Brasserie // 334 Richmond Rd

Take your BFF here if: they love brunch. The Savoy Brasserie has cornflake crusted french toast... do I need to say more? Your friend will love you for this, especially if you order them a mimosa to go with it.

Riviera // 62 Sparks St

Take your BFF here if: they're classy AF. Riviera is an upscale restaurant in Ottawa, where Justin Trudeau and his wife can be found eating. If your friend is super classy, and also loves a good cocktail, they'll be more than happy to spend their birthday here.

NeXT // 6400 Hazeldean Rd

Take your BFF here if: they hate all the attention on them. At NeXT, you can share the brunch board so they'll feel like they're not the only one celebrating. It's the perfect mix between celebrating and just a normal day.

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Absinthe // 1208 Wellington St W

Take your BFF here if: they love fondue. Absinthe is a bistro-style restaurant that has bomb fondue, which is hard to find in Ottawa. They have cheese, meat, and chocolate fondue... but why not get all three? It's their birthday, after all!

Rose Bowl Chophouse & Lounge // 1717 Carling Ave

Take your BFF here if: they are meat lovers. This is a fancy restaurant, and they don't skimp on their meats. The atmosphere is super romantic, but that doesn't mean you and your BFF can't come here. Your best friend deserves the best!

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Industria Pizzeria + Bar // 225 Marché Way #107

Take your BFF here if: she f*cking loves pizza. Their pizza, which is appropriately called Industria, is unreal. But they also have a bunch of other ones to choose from, which they're guaranteed to love. Of course they have other options like salad and pasta and stuff, but pizza on your birthday is where it's at.

Black Cat Bistro // 428 Preston St

Take your BFF here if: they want to celebrate, but don't want to go all out. Black Cat Bistro is modern french bistro fare, and it's definitely fancy. However, if they want something more laid back, this is perfect. Their food options are limited, but what they do have is so delicious you'll love the options.

Citizen // 207 Gilmour St

Take your BFF here if: they're in the mood for late night snacking, drinks, and a laid back atmosphere. Citizen is the restaurant Town's little sister. It's not too laid back that you won't have fun, but you'll definitely have fun with all the amazing drinks they serve there.

Fairouz // 343 Somerset St W

Take your BFF here if: they're a foodie that loves to share their experience on social media. Not only does Fairouz have unreal Middle Eastern cuisine, but their decor is outstanding as well. Your friend will be blown away by the aesthetic, and will for sure have a great time raving about this restaurant for hours after. Plus, you can for sure get a cute birthday pic here.