The human mind can come up with some pretty tasty ideas every once in a while. When it comes to food, innovation can lead to imaginative and culinary bliss. Some of the greatest inventions of our time weren't made by sticking to the status quo.

Here's a list of 11 foods that break convention and make for some unlikely (but delicious) combinations:

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Burger Pocket // The Flying Banzini

The combination: Burger and Pizza Pocket.

The Flying Banzini's three select burger pockets take the texture of a pizza pocket (pizza dough) and stuffs the insides with a burger patty, cheese and all the other toppings you'd typically find in a standard burger.

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The Club Sandwich Poutine // The Great Canadian Poutinerie

The combination: Club sandwich and poutine.

Bacon, chicken, mayonnaise, lettuce and even the toast top this unique poutine combo. Also recommended is the bacon grilled cheese poutine, which is a masterpiece of its own.

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Eggs Benedict Bacon Grilled Cheese // The Wellington Diner

The combination: Eggs Benedict and grilled cheese.

A breakfast favourite and a lunchtime classic meet each other with loving arms in this off-the-menu delicacy at Wellington Diner. Oh, and yes, hollandaise sauce drenched on a bacon grilled cheese is just as delicious as it sounds.

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Sushi Burrito // Bento Sushi

The combination: Burrito and sushi.

A tiny bite size cuisine that's been given the Westernized treatment of being enlarged into a full-fledged takeout snack. These stuffed burritos almost weigh a pound and, while they're a bit expensive, are always served with a big, filling portion.

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The Big Joe Panwich // Flapjack's Canadian Diner

The combination: Breakfast sandwich and pancakes.

Never again will we have to decide between eggs and pancakes. Flapjacks's panwiches take eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese and double stack them in between buttermilk pancakes.

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Maple Bacon Donut // SuzyQ Donuts

The combination: Donut and bacon.

Possibly the most Canadian dessert ever. Celebrate Canada's 150th birthday with this patriotic donut covered in maple syrup glaze (from Lanark, the maple syrup capital of Ontario) and topped with bacon bits. *Nods and smiles*

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Churro Taco // Ace Mercado

The combination: Churro and taco.

Dessert tacos are always an option. Ace's churro tacos are a deep fried, flat cinnamon and sugar covered churro topped with fruit and cream (because veggies, salsa and guac on a churro just shouldn't be a thing). It's the sweeter take on our favourite Mexican dish.

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Tater Tot Poutine // Elgin Street Diner

The combination: Breakfast and poutine.

One of the best takes on the breakfast poutine in Ottawa, Elgin Street Diner's version uses fried eggs, bacon and hollandaise sauce. What makes this one stand out, though, are the tater tots.

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Cronuts // Art-Is-In Bakery

The combination: Croissant and donut.

Delicious, sugar coated and ever-changing, Art Is In's Cronuts combine the texture of a croissant in the sweet shape of a donut.

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Birthday Cake Cone // Sweet Jesus

The combination: Birthday cake and ice cream cone.

Make every day your birthday. Sweet Jesus' tops their delicious soft serve with bits of vanilla birthday cake, and to take everything to the extra level, they even put a birthday candle on top for you to blow out.

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Kraft Dinner Grilled Cheese // MLT DWN

The combination: Kraft Dinner and grilled cheese.

MLT DWN's grilled cheese ups the orange on their white bread with Kraft Dinner meshed in between melted cheddar.