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10 Cute Road Trip Ideas Near Ottawa You Need To Go On With Your BFFs This Spring

No matter what season it is (besides winter), it's always a great time for a road trip. Every season looks completely different in their own way. With the spring flowers blooming, the water as clear as can be and then the leaves changing colours in the fall, it's basically like seeing the same places in a different and beautiful way. 

Grabbing your BFFs, making a road trip playlist and getting a ton of snacks is half of it. But choosing the places you want to go is the best part! Should you go somewhere you've never been? Make more memories where you've already been? The options are endless! So if you're craving a road trip after this brutal winter, I got you. Some of these places are close to Ottawa, and some are a few hours away. Either way, you'll have a great time. 

1. Brockville Railway Tunnel

Distance from Ottawa: 1 hour and 15 minutes

The Brockville Railway Tunnel was built back in 1860, and is now a museum that's filled with multi-coloured lights. It's stunning, and it's also a great and unique place to take an Instagram picture. It's not far from Ottawa either, so you can make it a day trip!

2. Drake Devonshire Inn

Distance from Ottawa: 3 hours

This is absolutely the cutest hotel, and it's not far from Ottawa at all. Located near Prince Edward County, this stunning inn will make for a ton of memories. You can also spend a few nights here just relaxing, or hitting up a few wineries in Prince Edward County. Sounds like the best trip to me!

3. Eagles Nest Lookout 

Distance from Ottawa: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Eagles Nest Lookout is located in Calabogie and it will make you feel like you're nowhere near the city. It's a 4 mile hike to the top, and it stops at a 120 metre high cliff. If you're scared of heights, this is where you can get over it! This is the perfect day trip. 

4. Old Montreal 

Distance from Ottawa: 2 hours

Old Montreal is stunning all year round, but it's even better when it's the season where you can ride on the ferris wheel, better known as La Grande Roue de Montréal. It's located on Old Port, which is a boardwalk with water where you can take adorable pictures with your BFFs. If you're coming to Old Montreal, may as well stay the night or a couple of nights and shop around too! 

5. Terre Bleu Lavender Farm 

Distance from Ottawa: 5 hours 

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm is a beautiful farm where 47,000 lavender plants bloom every year. You can also get some of their delicious lavender ice cream, which is homemade. If you love flowers or the smell of lavender, you and your BFFs will love this road trip. Since it is further away, you can stay in Toronto and make your way to Milton, which is 45 minutes away!

6. Whiteface Lodge 

Distance from Ottawa: 3 hours

Located in Lake Placid, this stunning lodge is perfect all year round. While it's still a little chilly out in the spring, that doesn't mean you can't go into the pools and get the treatment you deserve. You and your BFFs deserve to relax, and Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid, which you can see the beautiful mountains from, is the perfect place to do so. 

7. Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

Distance from Ottawa: 2 hours and 50 minutes

Although it's no Capilano Suspension Bridge like the one in Vancouver, the stunning views of Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge and the water and trees around you will make you fall in love with Ontario. It's close enough so you can make a day trip, or you can make a stop in Kingston and tour around Downtown Kingston if you don't want to come home right after.

8. Elements Luxury Tented Camp 

Distance from Ottawa: 1 hour 

This is perfect if you and your BFFs are adventurous, but not enough to camp outside. Elements Luxury Tented Camp is a beautiful place for glamping, and if you actually hate the outdoors. You'll feel right at home, and there is no doubt that you'll have a unique experience. 

9. Coulonge Chutes

Distance from Ottawa: 1 hour and 40 minutes

If you and your BFFs are nature lovers, then you'll fall in love with this amazing lookout point where there is a waterfall. This adventure park can be seen from a lookout point, but you can also do an aerial obstacle course and ziplining through the park! It opens April 1st, and this would be such a great experience and make for amazing memories. 

10. High Park 

Distance from Ottawa: 5 hours

High Park in Toronto is known for it's beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring time. While it is a bit of a drive, you can obviously stay longer in Toronto but make this part of your trip! It not only makes for the perfect Instagram picture, but if you've never seen cherry blossoms in real life, you'll be stunned by their beauty. They typically bloom from late April to early May so plan your trip around there!

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