Graduation is looming for some Ravens, but some CU tunnel creatures are just getting started with their first year. When their time comes and they sit for three hours in the Ravens Nest to get their degree, they'll learn that a many great deal of things have changed for them. They might even cringe at how they acted in first year.

Here are 11 differences between freshmen and senior Ravens:

1. The Panda Game

Freshmen: "I can't wait to dress up in my Ravens gear and show off my school spirit on Insta!"

Seniors: "I will get very, very drunk that day."

2. Ollie's

Freshmen: "Not old enough. Better go smuggle back some beer from Hull on the OC Transpo."

Seniors: "Thirsty Thursdays."

3. Fifth Floor of MacOdrum Library

Freshmen: "Shhh! Can't anyone realize this is the study floor!" *complains anonymously on Spotted at Carleton U*

Seniors: *Sleeps*

4. U-Pass Photos

Freshmen: "I am going to look like this for my U-Pass photo."

Seniors: "Why did I look like this for my U-Pass photo."

5. Clubs

Freshmen: "A Quidditch club! Cool! I can't wait to put it on my CCR!"

Seniors: "I did nothing."

6. Tim Horton's

Freshmen: "Hi I'd like to buy a Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich every day for the next 100 days."

Seniors: "Help I'm poor."

7. Ottawa U

Freshmen: "Fuck you, Ottawa U!!"

Seniors: "Yeah fuck 'em."

8. Textbooks

Freshmen: "I need to buy all of them!" *Waits in life for two days at Haven Books*

Seniors: *Buys the 10 dollar course pack the day before the final*

9. Missing the O-Train

Freshmen: *Sprints*

Seniors: *Gives up on life*

10. Richcraft Hall

Freshmen: "Richcraft Hall!"

Seniors: "What."

11. Being asked for a signature at UC

Freshmen: "Sorry, I'm in a rush!"

Seniors: "Go away."

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