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11 Cheap Wing Nights You Need To Try In Ottawa

The ultimate pub grub.
11 Cheap Wing Nights You Need To Try In Ottawa

Wing night: For some of us, it's sacredIt's the driving force that will determine which bar you're going to head out to with your friends.

If you're going to go out for drinks with the squad, you're obviously going to want to eat, especially if the food is cheap. And, naturally, what better food is there at a bar than the wings? Well, there's the nachos; but that's going to be another article.

The list is exhaustive. There's a ton of good places in the city where you can get cheap wings. But, we rounded up our favourite deals in Ottawa just for you. Here's 11 of the best cheap wing nights in the city.

1. St. Louis Bar & Grill // 399 Elgin St. Unit 2

On Tuesday's it's half-price wing night from 4pm – close. That means one pound of their original wings can go for $6.99 (with fries included).

2. Patty Boland's // 101 Clarence St.

On Mondays, wings are 35 cents each. Do the math: That's 10 wings for $3.50.

3. Arrow & Loon Pub // 99 Fifth Ave.

On Tuesdays, it's $0.50 for jumbo wings.

4. Hooley's Pub // 292 Elgin St.

On Mondays, it's 45 cents a wing for one of their many, many various, delicious breaded wings.

5. Father & Sons // 112 Osgoode St.

On Mondays, it's 35 cents per wing. And, since Father & Sons is so close to the U of O campus, this is the perfect place for students to save.

6. Pub 101 // 101 York St.

For $12.01, every Monday, you can eat all the wings that your heart desires. If that's not beautiful, tell me what is.

7. Hometown Sports Grill // 1525 Bank St.

On Tuesdays, it's half-price ($6.50) for a pound of wings.

8. Grace O'Malley's // 1151 Ogilvie Rd.

On Mondays (and Tuesday's) you can get a pound of wings for just $7.50. It's such a good deal that it only made sense to do it twice a week.

9. Brixton's // 210 Sparks St.

On Tuesday's, it's $6.50 for a pound of their breaded in-house, meaty wings (with the purchase of a drink).

10. The Barley Mow // 1060 Bank St.

On Thursdays, it's half priced wings from 4pm to close (that's $4.99 per pound). Don't forget to wash them away with a hoppy pint of Goose Island for $7 on Thursdays.

11. Summerhays // 1971 Baseline Rd.

Every day (yes every, single day) after 2:30pm, you can enjoy a pound of wings for $5.95 with the purchase of a beverage.

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