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12 Ottawa Locals Who Are Putting Ottawa On The Map

Not just a government city after all, eh?
12 Ottawa Locals Who Are Putting Ottawa On The Map

Ottawa may be a small town but it's filled with talented people. From artists, to YouTubers, to social media personalities and content creators, Ottawa has got it all. Unfortunately, because we're so small and we're stuck with our "government city" reputation, not many people know just how insane the talent we're boasting is.

Although we aren't necessarily "on the map" yet like some of our bigger neighbouring cities, there's still a fair share of people who are working endlessly to get us up there so make sure to get to know them while you can:

Night Lovell // Rapper

If you're a fan of underground grunge-style rap then I'm sure you've already heard of Night Lovell. With hundreds of thousands of followers on SoundCloud, YouTube and Instagram, Lovell has already made his mark in the world of music worldwide. He's stated multiple times that he aims to put Ottawa on the map and he even has a tattoo of the Ottawa flag on his torso.

WolfieRaps // YouTuber

Infamous for being a huge savage, WolfieRaps has amassed over 10 million subscribers on both his channels collectively. Although he's constantly flying between LA and Ottawa, he's constantly representing the city in his videos by shouting it out and showing it off. He started his YouTube career in high school as a rapper but he now focuses his videos on the crazy challenges and experiments he tries.

Henna by Solange // Henna Artist

Henna by Solange is a content creator and henna artist with over 90,000 Instagram followers. She's been applying henna on others for special occasions including Eid, weddings, and birthdays for multiple years now. She's been featured in multiple global news sources and has a very loyal following. Additionally, her Instagram videos of her applying henna are so satisfying to watch!

Maurice Moore // RnB Singer

Part of the stxrytellers group, Maurice Moore is just 20 years old and well on his way to marking his spot as a top artist in the music industry. He's worked closely with Kehlani and is constantly traveling between LA and Ottawa yet he still made sure to stop by his hometown for Bluesfest and put on a special performance.

Sylvia Gani // YouTuber

You may have recognized her as part of Wolfie's squad but Sylvia Gani is another huge YouTuber with over a million subscribers. Queen of the S-Club, Sylvia's channel is mostly focused on make up but she also has a lot of vlogs and fashion videos.

Deborah Sogelola // Lifestyle Blogger

Deborah Sogelola is slowly but surely making herself known as a lifestyle blogger here in Ottawa. Although she originally hails from Ajax, she's been settled in Ottawa for a number of years now and this is the city where she finally decided to launch her blog. In just a few months, she garnered a couple thousand readers monthly and has only been growing since!

Enock Shikongo // Founder of Express Yourself

Although Enock Shikongo is more of a behind-the-scenes type of guy, he's the mastermind behind Express Yourself; a weekly show at PPL nightclub dedicated to promoting the artists of Ottawa. Every week, local performers showcase their amazing talents to sold out crowds. Enock treats this weekly event like his baby and makes sure the artists get the exposure and the catering they need!

Jamie Fine and Elijah // Music Duo

Jamie Fine and Elijah Woods have been working together and making amazing music for quite some time now. Jamie's soothing but raspy voice paired with Elijah's instrumentals have created breath taking music that actually earned them some plays on Ottawa's Hot 899.

Training Season // Rap Group

Once again, if you're into underground rap, this is the trio for you! The members of Training Season all hail from Ottawa and they've been creating music together for a number of years. It's hard to describe their music because there are so many layers to it, it's something you'd have to actually experience yourself. In fact, they recently released an EP so what better time than now to check them out?

Herieth Paul // Model

Herieth Paul is definitely model goals! Herieth grew up in Ottawa but she's now traveling the world as a super model. She's actually been invited to strut the Victoria's Secret cat walk... twice! On top of that, she's actually also a model for Maybelline and accomplished some pretty amazing things.

Zargara // Owner of Babes & Gents

Amir Zargara is the owner of one of the most interesting clothing stores you'll probably ever lay your eyes on. Serving grungy, urban looks, his clothes, mostly black, definitely give off some street wear style vibes. Zargara started out with pop up shops every weekend in the ByWard Market but he recently, finally opened up his own clothing shop and it's incredible to say the least.

Melinda Shankar // Actress

You may recognize her from Degrassi, but Melinda Shankar is slowly taking over the acting world. Traveling between LA and Canada, Melinda is constantly busy working on new series and acting roles. She grew up in Ottawa and actually attended Sir Wilfred Laurier!

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