There isn't a huge photography scene in Ottawa, but that doesn't mean we don't have amazing photographers living in the city. The photographers we have here really know exactly where to take the most beautiful photos, especially for engagement photos, wedding photos or even just a self portrait for a project.

These photographers truly know how to capture the best angles, and make you look the way you've always imagined. No, unfortunately these photographers won't be found in bars taking photos for Barshots, but that's what makes them special. They capture moments that actually matter, and make it into flawless art.

These photographers are just a few of many, however, their work will amaze you. So if you're looking for any reason to have your photo taken, maybe you want something more professional for Instagram, then look no further. Here are 11 Ottawa photographers that will make you look flawless in every single photo:

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Cassie Even-Hen

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Jessica Hobin

via @fronxphotos

Jeff Francoeur

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Laura Kelly

via @vantran50

Maryn Devine

via @hiphegmann

Matt Hegmann

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Dale De Jesus

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