Let's be real here. Indian food is the most flavourful, and delicious food on the planet. All their dishes are mouthwatering and will leave you craving it for days just seeing a picture of it.

Curry definitely has a place in my heart, but butter chicken is where the real love is. You can either get it as spicy as you would like, and with a side of Naan bread your world will change forever. So, if you've never tried butter chicken or are looking for a new spot to curb your craving, here are 11 Ottawa restaurants that serve a delicious plate of butter chicken.

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Little India Cafe // 66 Wylie Ave

Little India Cafe serves barbecue butter chicken, which gives the dish such a unique flavour. The dish is more expensive, but its so worth it for the amount of flavour you get.

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Haldi // 449 Preston St

The unique thing about Haldi's butter chicken dish is that it comes with raisins and almonds, which isn't the usual pairing. However, it gives it a sweet kick and it mixes so well with the yogurt sauce.

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Aahar The Taste Of India // Multiple Locations

At Aahar The Taste Of India, they claim that their butter chicken is the best thing on their menu. It's all homemade and since it's a little hole in the wall restaurant, it's definitely very underrated.

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Mia's Indian Cuisine // 917 Richmond Rd

Don't let the presentation scare you, the flavour of Mia's Indian Cuisines butter chicken is out of this world. They serve their butter chicken with curry vegetables, so you get the best of both worlds when it comes to Indian food!

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Host India // 622 Montreal Rd

Host India is known for their butter chicken, and you can make it as spicy as you would like! They also deliver, so that's a huge bonus for all of us Ottawans who are too lazy to go out.

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Roast 'N' Curries // 197 Bank St

At Roast 'N' Curries, you can get a butter chicken platter. Their sauce is made with almonds and cashews, and you get a salad and rice on the side. Yes to all of this.

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Taj Indian Cuisine // 3009 Carling Ave

Taj Indian Cuisine marks the butter chicken as their signature dish, and obviously I agree. You should also get the samosas for an appetizer because they're unreal.

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Rangoli // 2491 St Joseph Blvd

At Rangoli, you can get a bunch of options in one plate. Their Rangoli dinner comes with dal soup, naan, rice, tandoori chicken, butter chicken, your choice of entrée, side curry and dessert for only $23. Score!

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Shafali // 308 Dalhousie St

Butter chicken is Shafali's most popular dish and just by looking at it you can see why. Their naan bread is so fresh, and all the spices and flavours they use mix so well together.

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East India Company // 210 Somerset St W

East India Company has a different way of doing butter chicken, meaning they made it with shrimp. If you're a fish lover, this is a must try. The flavours are unreal when mixed with shrimp and you'll never want to eat it with chicken again!