11 Places To Go In Ottawa If You're Having A Really Bad Day

You deserve to be happy!
11 Places To Go In Ottawa If You're Having A Really Bad Day

We all have those days where we wake up super sad, someone makes us sad, or life just isn't going as you planned. Life isn't perfect and neither are we, but sometimes you just can't get out of that funk and it sucks. Happiness is a choice, however, you're also allowed to be sad!

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Netflix sounds like a good idea when you're sad, but it's also not a very good idea. You just zone out and don't stop thinking about the reasons why you're sad and that makes it even worse. Of course, don't avoid why you're sad, but just make the best out of it! If you like being alone when you're upset or like having people around you, all of these places will do you good. Here are 11 places in Ottawa to go to if you're really, really sad.

1. Get those endorphins going at Spin City // 203 Bank St.

At Spin City, you're surrounded by people who have the same goal as you. You won't feel alone here because the classes are so motivating, and you'll feel like a million bucks after taking the class because of all the endorphins running through your body. They have classes basically all day everyday which means you can go to them whenever you're sad.

2. Get out into nature at Jack Pine Trail // Nepean

Getting out into nature when you're sad is a great way to clear your mind. For me, taking a long walk really helps to clear my head and I know it helps others as well. It's great to go on a walk alone and get some fresh air, but going with a friend while walking and talking can also do wonders for your mood.

3. Play with the kitties at Siberian Cat Café // 205 Chemin Old

If your mood doesn't boost while playing with cats, who are you? They're so calm and cuddly that you're bound to fall in love. At Siberian Cat Café, you can eat, drink coffee and play with the cats all at once. You'll leave there with a clear mind and a happier mood for sure.

4. Or with the puppies at WAG Cafe and Pet Lounge // 1071 Bank St.

If we were including the cat cafe, of course we had to include the dog cafe. There is no way you can't be happy with a cup of coffee and being surrounded by dogs. Even if they're not your dogs, you can kindly ask the owner to play with the puppy or just admire from afar. Depends on what mood you're in, but dogs always want to cheer you up when you're sad.

5. Colour away your worries at Color Me Mine // Multiple Locations

Putting your attention and effort into something other than why you're sad will help you forget about it, and will make something beautiful out of it. You have friends to lift you up in hard times and there is no better way to calm yourself down then to paint. Try painting a mug so you can go home, take a bath and drink tea out of your amazing mug.

6. Get happy at SIDEDOOR happy hour // 18 York St.

It's not called happy hour for no reason. Happy hour at SIDEDOOR is everything you'd want when you're sad. $2 tacos, drink deals and always a good time. Ask one of your best friends to go for a drink with you and vent to them over drinks. You can't imagine how good this feels, especially if your friend understands what you're going through.

7. Eat your feelings at Oh So Good // Multiple Locations

Has anyone ever said no to cake when they're sad? Take a cycle class then come to Oh So Good and treat yourself. Chocolate cake will make you feel better, this is not fake news. As soon as you get sugar in your body, you're bound to be happy, right?

8. Sing happy or sad songs at VIP Karaoke Bar // 610 Somerset St W.

Going through a terrible breakup? Failed a class? Got into a huge fight with your mom? Sing. Singing also releases endorphins in your body, giving you feelings of pleasure. If you're the type of person who is super musical, this will be the best place for you to go. Sing Hello by Adele or Stop by Spice Girls–whatever song you want. Just sing it loud and proud and get those feelings out!

9. Spill the tea to your BFFs at Fleur Tea House // 287 Somerset St E.

Also a great place to go if you need to talk to some friends and get out your feelings. Drinking herbal tea will calm you down and you'll start feeling better and more relaxed. Having a cup of chamomile, lavender, or peppermint tea will make you feel happier than anything with caffeine, which will just make you crash and feel worse!

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10. Get a sweet treat at Sweet Jesus // 97 Clarence St.

When we were sad as kids, or hurt, or anything but happy, our parents treated us to ice cream. It was probably a cone from McDonald's, but now we're grown up and need more than that. Thank the heavens Sweet Jesus is here to save us. You can go all out with your cone and make it whatever you want, which is bound to make you happy. I mean, c'mon. If an ice cream cone with cotton candy on it doesn't make you happy, then I'm not sure what to tell you.

11. Find comfort in a bowl of soup at Pho Bo Ga 2 // 857 Somerset St W.

Like ice cream, whenever we were sick or needed comfort when we were kids, our parents gave us chicken noodle soup. A bowl of chicken noodle soup is warm, comforting, and makes you stomach happy. But now we're grown up and we need something more than just a can of gross chicken noodle soup. Now we turn to Pho. Everybody loves Pho and it's a great alternative to chicken noodle soup, and probably way healthier for you too.

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