Eating out always involves spending way more than $20 each! Whether you go out for dinner and then a movie or simply just go to have a meal with some friends, the amount of money spent is always way too much. Luckily Ottawa is home to quite a few spots where you can eat without spending $20. 

Of course there are fast food spots across the city that serve up meals that cost less than $20, but heading to a fast food spot to catch up with friends isn't ideal. So it's time to head somewhere where you won't be breaking your bank account!

El Camino

Where: 81 Clarence Street

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Let's taco'bout delicious tacos. El Camino doesn't disappoint when it comes to cheap food. Every Tuesday tacos are only $4 so if you're trying to save some money definitely head here for your meal under the sun. Tuesday prices are super reasonable, $4 on selected tacos, $3.50 for Jameson, and $6 for Tallboys. You won't need to overspend while at El Camino. Plus there is a super nice rooftop patio at their newest location in the ByWard Market (yes, please).


Il Vicolo

Where: 118 Clarence Street

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Il Vicolo is hidden away in Ottawa’s ByWard Market and it is so cute. The pizza place is relatively new, it opened up late last year and has been serving exceptional pizza to customers since. From the hanging flowers to the lights that turn on at night, you will instantly fall in love with this restaurant. If you have never tried out a wood-oven pizza, you are seriously missing out. The more toppings, the pricier it gets. But for a simple margherita it only costs $14.


The Green Door Restaurant 

Where: 198 Main Street

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If you're in search for a vegetarian spot to indulge in a meal, make your way to the Green Door Restaurant. The food here is organic, vegetarian, and they also serve gluten-free options as well. To get a full plate costs between $7 to $15 which isn't much considering all of the fresh food you can eat!


Pho Thu Do

Where: 3987 Riverside Drive

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If you love Pho then you will absolutely love this spot. The Vietnamese restaurant is located in Chinatown. Most of their items are under $12 unless you're super hungry and want to go for a large bowl of Pho. The food id super affordable and you can mix and match cheaper items to get a wide range of flavours.


Burgers n' Fries Forever

Where: 278 Dalhousie Street

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Sure having a burger with some fries is fast food, but this spot has such a nice restaurant it's perfect for a chill get together with friends. If you all love burgers then you will love this spot. Their burgers range between $7 to $12 and fries range between $4 to $13. They serve up options for everyone, their chicken is halal and they serve up vegan and gluten free options too.


El Furniture Warehouse 

Where: 77 Clarence Street

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A true classic, El Furniture Warehouse has always got your back when it comes to cheap eats. Each item on the menu (excluding drinks) is only $5! Seriously. You can get at least 3 items without needing to spend over $20! The vibe of the restaurant is super casual and fun, there is also rooftop patio that is perfect for a hot sunny day.


Fiazza Fresh Fired

Where: 86 Murray Street

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Calling all wood oven pizza lovers, this spot is for you. Not only does Fiazza serve up customizable pizzas, they also have the cutest outdoor patio that will make you feel like you're in Italy. A regular margharita only costs $9! The rest of the prices range between $11 to $14! They also serve options for everyone, whether you're vegan or gluten free, they've got your back.


Oriental Chu Shing Restaurant 

Where: 691 Somerset Street West

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This spot serves up so many cheap options. Dumplings here are only $5 each and meals can be as low was $11 you are bound to leave here feeling satisfied. If you absolutely love Asian meals then you have to try this place out. For a huge portion of chicken fried rice you only need to pay $11, so grab some rice and a dumpling and enjoy your meal.


Paramount Fine Foods

Where: 50 Rideau Street e111

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Paramount Fine Foods just recently opened up right by the Rideau Centre. If you love fresh food, you will 100% enjoy this new spot. Their menu ranges in prices depending on what you order. You are bound to find something that costs less than $20 though! From kebabs to rice to pizza to falafel, you will be spoilt for choice at this restaurant.


Summerhays Grill 

Where: 1971 Baseline Rd

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If you're searching for somewhere to enjoy a reasonably priced brunch, make your way to Summerhays Grill. Every item on their breakfast menu is under $20, so whether you want waffles or eggs you can get whatever you're craving for under $20! They also have a $5 lunch menu from Monday to Friday between 11:15am and 3pm.



Where: Multiple Locations

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Nando's is a great place to eat at if you're wanting to spend under $20. The food at Nando's is delicious. Whether you're someone that likes spicy or mild, they have something for everyone. You can order a double kebab for only $11, half a chicken for $14, or even a whole chicken for $18! If you have a whole chicken that can feed almost 4 people! Eating at Nando's is always a treat without needing to break your bank account.