When you meet someone who has just recently moved to Ottawa, a huge part of you wants to ask them 'Why?' Ottawa may not have a song that's written about our city by a famous rapper, or have a cool nickname like Toronto does but we do have other major reasons of why people move here.

Ottawans are proud to call this beautiful city our home, even if we don't admit it very often. If you can't think of reasons why someone would move here, I'm going to provide you with 11 of the endless reasons why someone should.

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1. We have the cutest market in the world.

Not statistically speaking, but the ByWard Market is where it's at in Ottawa.

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2. You'll never be stuck anywhere.

With the OC Transpo running almost 24/7 all over the city, you'll always be able to find your way back home.

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3. We have amazing nature surrounding our city.

It's so nice to get out of the city and into nature, which is why we're lucky to have Gatineau Hills so close to Ottawa.


4. We're all treated equally here.

Really, the way we treat people in Ottawa is the way the rest of the world should be treated #proud

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5. According to a nation-wide poll, Ottawa is Canada's safest city.

We don't doubt it, and it makes you feel safe living here just know that that statement is true.

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6. We're very big on culture here.

Little Italy, China Town, all the cultural festivals–you name it, we got it.

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7. We're the shawarma capital of the world. Not kidding.

If you've never tried shawarma, that's the real reason to move to Ottawa. Shawarma capital, shawarma city–whatever you want to call us, it applies. The shawarma phenomenon is so big here that someone made a 30-minute documentary on why it's so popular in Ottawa.

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8. We love our country.

And we make sure everyone else does as well. Since we are the capital, Ottawa loves to make maple everything while of course, putting Trudeau's face on it.

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9. We like routine here in Ottawa.

However when something new opens up, we need to check it out. We're a very dedicated city, but get so excited about revamps/the opening of new stores and/or restaurants. It almost brings the city together–but let's not talk about the Chateau Laurier reconstruction.

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10. It's pretty easy to make friends here.

Since everybody seems to know everyone, you can make friends just by being friends with one person. You can definitely find a good squad, team, etc. here in the capital. But be open minded, the weirder people are usually the coolest.

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11. We may love our Tim Hortons, but the cute cafés we have are where it's at.

You can fight it all you want, but Ottawa's café business is growing at a rapid pace and it's amazing. They're all so different, and give Ottawa the big city vibe it needs. They're all very aesthetically pleasing as well and if you don't believe me, read more here.

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