There's so much to love about living on the east side of the Rideau River. For one: My house is only 10 minutes from Fritomania. No, but seriously, some of the most scenic parts of our city and the best restaurants in our nation's capital are around here.

There's a reason why our prime ministers have lived on this side of the city and why some of the most beautiful pictures on Instagram are taken here. There's the luxury houses in Rockcliffe Park, the sandy beaches of Petrie Island and, again: Fritomania.

Here's 11 reasons why you should travel to our side of the city (if you're not already fortunate enough to live here):

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1. The "Pond"

This hidden swimming hole in Rockcliffe Park is an absolute gem that very few people outside the east end know about. It's located right next to the Ottawa River bike paths and always makes for a nice day trip. Just, um, don't stay after 2pm.

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2. Rockcliffe Park, in general.

This high-end neighbourhood is where a majority of the ambassadors in the city live. It's architectural eye candy and always makes for a fun drive. Look out for the mansion made out of copper!

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3. Petrie Island

Absolutely one of the best beaches in the entire city. Perhaps not the cleanest waters to swim in, but it's a great place to tan in the summer or wander around in the winter.

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4. New Edinburgh Park

A quaint little park just on the border of where the east side of the city meets the centre. The white bridge might be one of the most photogenic in the city.

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5. The Cumberland Heritage Village

A.k.a. the place where every east end kid had their high school prom's garden party. The area turns into a lit-up and charming village every year around Christmas and is always a great place to take pictures.

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6. Fritomania

Best poutine in the city? Probably. I'm sure many Ottawans from the other end of the city can attest to taking a road trip down here just for a plate of our nation's greatest dish.

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7. Perkins

I'm lost at words for this one, sorry. But this restaurant serves one of the best breakfasts in the city and it's open 24 hours a day, so no excuses for not visiting.

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8. Green's Creek

A tobogganing hill that's a legend of its own kind. Just don't slip on the ice slide.

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9. The Ottawa River Parkway

Yes, it also extends to the west end, but the east end's side dives deeper into nature and makes for a perfect place to cycle in the summer of walk in the winter.

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10. Your Prime Minister lives here.

He may not live on 24 Sussex, but he lives on the grounds of Rideau Hall, which are - as you guessed it - on the east side of the city. The east side of Ottawa must be doing something right if all of our PMs have decided to live there.

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11. Mer Bleue Bog

Featured as one of our best places to take a quiet winter walk. Mer Bleue Bog is a stunning, relatively untouched patch of nature in the city's east end that reminds us just how lucky we are to be in such a huge city close to nature.