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11 Road Trips That Are 1, 2, 3, And 4 Hours Away From Ottawa

Road trips are what summers are made for. You finally don't have to worry about the snow on the ground, and you can put the windows down and just cruise. 

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But sometimes, you just want something short and sweet. Or you want a drive where you can clear your head, blast music, and laugh with your BFFs or bae for 4 hours straight. Whatever you want, we got you covered. 

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We love Gatineau Park, but sometimes we want to go beyond that. It's a great place to be when you want adventure, but for a road trip we want more. Maybe you have a week off and want a vacay, or you have just one full day that you want to take advantage of. Get out of the city and travel! Here are 11 road trips that are 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours away from Ottawa. 

1 Hour 

2 Hours

3 Hours

4 Hours

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1 Hour Road Trips

Gananoque (166 km)

Gananoque is the most adorable town that everyone seems to forget about. However, in the summer, it's the place to vacation. As someone who used to spend every summer there growing up, I can attest to that. Whether you're just touring the town, or getting a boat cruise on the 1000 Islands boat cruise, you'll fall in love quickly. 

Sharbot Lake (123 km)

Sharbot Lake is a great place to go hiking if you're tired of Gatineau Park. Maybe you're looking for a close by spot to go camping, and this would be it. The views are absolutely amazing and you'll get so much out of this quick road trip.

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2 Hour Road Trips

Kingston (196 km)

Kingston is the perfect spot in between Ottawa and Toronto, and it's so underrated. There is so much to do in Kingston, no matter how long you're there for, you won't be bored. You may be looking to chill on a patio with a drink in your hand, or find hidden gems if you don't want to do the normal touristy stuff. Or if you do want to do the touristy stuff, you're in luck! 

Mont-Tremblant (153 km)

The most beautiful place in the winter and summer. It looks like it could be a small town in Italy, tbh. You can lay out by the pool at your hotel, take the gondola to the main part of town, or go up to see the views of the town. It's the perfect weekend getaway, no matter what time of year!

Montreal (199 km)

Montreal is a classic road trip for Ottawans. It's not far, and it's so much fun no matter what you end up doing. You may end up spending the whole time shopping, or drinking, but either way, either ways fine. Montreal is such a beautiful place in Canada, and you can even road trip there and back in a day!

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3 Hour Road Trips

Syracuse (317 km)

The place we all went back to school shopping in high school. I even went once in college, judge me. Anyways, Syracuse is the prime spot to go to if you want to spend a ton of money in one day. We all know the damage you can do at Destiny USA mall (RIP Carousel mall). And now that we can kind of afford it, why not do it again?! You can even explore more of Syracuse by going downtown, and actually knowing what the city looks like outside the mall. 

Algonquin Park (276 km)

Algonquin Park is famous for its amazing camp ground, but even more for the stargazing at night. There are also so many hiking trails to discover, you won't want to leave. Just make sure when you take a minute to look up at the sky at night with no lights on around you. It'll be magical. 

Prince Edward County (257 km)

Everyone has been to Sandbanks Provincial Park at least once. So that's one reason to road trip to Prince Edward County. If you're obsessed with wine and pizza, you'll adore Norman Hardie Winery. They serve the most amazing pizza and wine, and stop by Slickers County Ice Cream after for a sweet treat.

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4 Hour Road Trips

Toronto (450 km)

Do I even have to explain this one? I will, but I think you get the point. Toronto is a great place to be, even though it's not the capital, like most people think it is. You can spend a day here or two weeks and you wouldn't get tired of it. Toronto is a place where everything happens. You can spend a day at Canada's Wonderland, at Sugar Beach pretending you're in Miami, or shopping at one of the many shopping malls. And of course, dig into the growing foodie scene that Toronto has!

Vermont (376 km)

A beautiful state right outside of Canada, and super close to Ottawa. This place is beautiful in all the seasons, and it gives off so many homey feelings. Vermont is the perfect place between city and small town vibes, so kind of like Ottawa. You must check out ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, as well as Lake Champlain!

Quebéc City (444 km)

I think we all took a trip to Quebéc City in grade 12, and we probably forget what we did (alcohol may have been involved). So you need to be refreshed. Tour Old Quebéc City for Europe vibes, grab a drink at one of their many breweries (they take their beer very seriously), and if you want to really experience the city, go on a delicious food tour!

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