It's time to take your girlfriend somewhere new, gents. Thankfully, you don't have to look to far. Just across the border from Ottawa and in our own country is Quebec, with its many waterfalls, parks, beaches and grottos.

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Culturally, Quebec is a unique province in itself, but some of its landscapes make you feel like you're not even in Canada at all. As our country's biggest province, there's endless possibilities of what you can explore. Whether you're looking for a quick day trip from Ottawa or a multi-day trip in a national park, anytime in Quebec will feel like an adventure. Your girlfriend will thank you for it (and for taking her pictures).

Here are 11 secret places to take your gf in Quebec this summer. Which ones will you be heading to?

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Plage de la Grande Échouerie

This 8km beach makes up the whole east coastline of the East Point National Wildlife Reserve. The whole area is scenic throughout, but what's particularly enticing is Point Old Harry with its wavy red rocks.

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 Rocher Percé

This massive natural rock formation is like something you'd see off the coasts of Portugal or Italy. But, no, it's actually right here in Quebec. Located on the bay of the same name, some of the best views of this stunning sight can be seen from the top of the nearby Mont Ste Anne.

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Mingan Archipelago National Park

The Mingan Archipelago is a chain of 40 separate islands on a beach on the gulf of the St. Lawrence. No island is similar to the last and you could spend the whole day exploring these massive limestone formations in awe.

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Grands Jardins National Park

This vast park has a little bit of everything for the nature-loving couple. Conveniently also nearby Quebec City (by car), you can rent one of their inexpensive campsites and go hiking up in the 30km of well-marked trails up in the hills.

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Chutes de la Chaudiere

These spectacular falls are just a short drive from Quebec City. Located in the nearby town of Levis, just 10 minutes away from the downtown, are these 35 metre falls and plenty of hiking trails to explore them.

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Le Trou de La Fée

Situated in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, this beautiful granite canyon has a number of beautiful boarded walkways and footbridges that are easy to traverse.

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Wilson Carbide Mill

Tucked away in the Gatineau Hills near Ottawa is the former mill of Thomas "Carbide" Wilson. The ruins themselves date back over one hundred years and are a popular point to explore today. The building is still well in-tact and there's an easy 5km roundtrip trail leading to it near the lake.

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Chutes Jean-Larose

These towering falls are just a half hour drive from Quebec City (right beside Mont Saint Anne). You can take a 4 mile loop to see the falls at their highest - a massive 60 metres. The trek is fairly easy but involves a lot of stairs.

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Rivière Aux Émeraudes

Refresh in the emerald green waters of this beautiful river in the Gaspé Peninsula. The waters of some of the clearest in Canada and make for a gorgeous swimming spot.

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Parc de la Gorge

Famous for its suspension bridge over the gorge, this gem in Coaticook is terrific for summer hiking in the Eastern Townships. There's over 180 campsites, so why not stay the night as well? There's over 600 acres of land to explore.

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Morrison's Quarry

You'd hardly believe you're only 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa when you're relaxing on the shores of the clear blue waters of this quarry. Located just outside Wakefield, the quarry is also home to our country's highest bungee cord.