You know what they say, "If you had a dime for the amount of times you put as much effort into an essay as you did your last Instagram, you'd be rich." Ya, no one really says that, but we all know it rings true for about 90 percent of the population. We all love to pretend that that last post was effortless, but really you know what happened. 

Want to up that Insta game a little more?! There's one place that will have some guaranteed winners, Kingston (duh). So obviously, a place as nice as this is bound to have a million scenic places, and the evidence rings true. Here are the best places to take your "candids". 

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Fort Henry // 1 Fort Henry Dr. 

Right on top of this historic Kingston site are views for days. Go at night for a stunning sunset that sheds light over the entire city. (Why not check out the Fort Henry Sunset Ceremony while you're there?)

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The Isabel Bader Centre For The Performing Arts // 390 King St. West 

Newly opened, yet already a Kingston favourite! If you're already there, may as well hop next door to the Tett Centre and visit Juniper Cafe! It is one of the cutest places you will ever have a latte at with an epic view of Lake Ontario!

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Lake Ontario Park // 920 King St. West 

Walk this 8km waterfront trail to get some stellar shots for your feed.

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1000 Islands // 248 Ontario St. 

If you head down to 1 Brock St. you can hop on one of the tours from the Kingston 1000 Island Cruises. Want a pic of you eating a meal with the sunset and lake behind you? Take a dining cruise. They also have great sightseeing cruises that go anywhere from the Kingston Penitentiary, Fort Henry, and even close to National Park islands.

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Waterfront Pathway // 1098 King St. West 

When you walk way past the Student housing on William St., follow it past downtown and right to the waterfront you'll find another view of Lake Ontario that is just as beautiful, but not as crowded as the Waterfront Path at Breakwater Park. From there you can clearly see the beautiful architecture of the Royal Military College, Fort Fredrick, and the flocks of boats on tied to the docks.

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Big Sandy Bay Conservation Area // Wolfe Island 

Ain't no mountain high enough or in this case, lake wide enough, to keep you from getting that Insta (let's be real we've all done it). The journey is pretty much half the fun of the destination. Take the Ferry to the beautiful Wolfe Island, then just over one km leads you to a stunning beach filled with rolling sand dunes and a big, sandy, and secluded beach. Find all the info about the beach here!

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Redhouse // 369 King St. East 

This pub is not only in the centre of all the action downtown, but inside you'll feel like you're on vacation in an old European style pub. With an impressive beer selection, high ceilings, and exposed stone - it's an awesome place to take that end of the year "cheers" picture. Bonus, they have a sweet patio in the summer!

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Sydenham St. // 24 Sydenham St. 

If you walk along Sydenham St. from West St. towards Johnson, you'll see some stunning houses and large trees that make for the perfect backdrop for you "casual" summer time adventure walk photo. (Just don't be creepy and go taking pictures of people houses kk?) Check out the Hochelaga Inn (24 Sydenham St.) while you're there, it's seriously stunning!

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Springer Market Square // 216 Ontario St. 

Quite possibly the epicentre of action in Kingston, we all know it, and we all love it. It's Market Square. Surrounded by limestone brick buildings and fresh farmer's market produce in the summer, this is one of the quintessential places to take an Insta in the 613.

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Parfait // 268 Princess St. 

You'll get the parfait Insta here (okay sorry but you KNEW that was coming). Fresh frozen yogurt, warm waffles, a pleasing aesthetic!? What more could you want?

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Chez Piggy (Patio) // 68R Princess St. 

Right behind this gourmet Kingston favourite is a place that looks like it came out of an English countryside. With scenic fairy lights, colourful flags and plenty of trees and flowers it's like you went on vacation without having to ever get on the 401.