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11 Unique Places To Take A Date In Ottawa If You Don't Drink

How to: find out if you like your date sober.
11 Unique Places To Take A Date In Ottawa If You Don't Drink

It's not easy to find places to go on dates that doesn't involve drinking, especially when both of you are nervous and might use alcohol to calm your nerves (which sometimes ends in regrettable decisions). However, there's no need to worry about making a drunken fool out of yourself anymore. With this list, you'll be able to find a safe medium between fun and comfortability.

These unique choices are great for first or second dates, or even a long-term relationship. So instead of a rum and coke, grab an espresso and travel your way through Ottawa on these amazing dates.

The Mud Oven // 1065 Bank Street

The most relaxing way to get to know someone while laughing at how bad you both are at painting. There's something to bond over!

The Loft // 14 Waller Street

The loft is the cutest, most entertaining place to take a date. You'll be able to learn about their competitive side, while bonding over how lame it is that you're playing a board game on a date.

Altitude Gym // 35 Boulevard Saint-Raymond

What's a better way to cut the first date tension with a little rock climbing?! Plus, it's an excuse to check them out without looking creepy.

Photo cred - @blackwood_ellie

Escape Manor // 201 Queen Street

Being stressed out together = everything you need to know about your date.

Cineplex Landsdowne // 325 Marche Way, Unit 107

This fancy movie theatre has reclining chairs, as well as a delicious VIP menu to order from. There are alcoholic choices, but you can simply ignore those options and opt for the indulgent desserts.

Parliament Hill Sound & Light Show // Wellington Street

Which is also known as Northern Lights, will make anyone beam with excitement. Also, does it get more romantic?

Sunset Watching at Westboro Beach // 745 Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway

Whether you're here to watch the sunset or to have a picnic, this beach is the perfect place. Or do both, and you'll leave with emoji heart eyes.

Mantovani 1964 // 87 Murray St

A Gelato cafe that started in Italy, this place will make you feel like you've just flown to the romantic country with your significant other (sorry you're still in Ottawa, though.)

Photo cred - @alyssagovas

National Gallery of Canada // 380 Sussex Drive

If your date can appreciate fine art... does that mean they're boring? (JK, it's a beautiful place.)

Calypso Park // 2015 Calypso Street

Really get to know someone well by standing in long lines in the heat. What better way to talk about your past relationships!

Camp Fortune Ariel Tour // 300 Chemin Dunlop, Chelsea

This is by far the coolest date you can go on. For $35 a person, you can climb ladders, take your time across zigzag bridges, scurry through barrels, and coast through the park while zip lining. So if dinner and a movie isn't your kinda thing, take it up a notch with this crazy adventure.

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