Going to uOttawa really can be all fun and games - aside from the homework part, basically. We have an urban campus, an overflowing spotted page (that obviously does better than Carleton's), and 24/7 downtown access. Why wouldn't anyone go here?

But even though we can get pretty close, we're not perfect. Here are 11 mistakes all uOttawa students have made. Yes, including you.

1. Waiting till 10 minutes before class to get a drink at Starbucks.

You might as well forget about your coffee now. Your retirement will probably come before your turn in line does.

2. Telling yourself you'll just "print it off at DocU Centre".

Especially the morning your assignment is due. Not like 15 other people thought of the exact same thing. Love yourself and call in a favour from a friend.

3. Getting on the 95 and having to walk to DMS because you forgot it doesn't stop at Laurier.

Why is Cumberland even relevant?

4. Being lazy and not printing out stuff from Blackboard - Until it shuts down the night before your exam.

Pain is temporary. GPA is forever.

5. Rabaska.

Why does it sound like the name of a small European country. It might as well be called Genovia.

6. Going to the 5th floor of Morisset to study.

"Study". I don't even have to explain why this is a regret.

7. Thinking you're hungry enough for the AYCE buffet at the Caf.

No, you really are hungry. I believe you.

8. Trying to convince yourself the Arts building doesn't smell that bad.

Just one more semester. You'll make it.

9.  Making the epic journey from Laurier to SITE, only to find no tables to study at.

Should've gone home instead.

10. Checking Tinder on campus.

You'll definitely end up running into them somewhere. Abort Mission.

11. Going to the Panda Game as an optimist.

We'll get em next year. Hopefully.