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12 Aesthically Pleasing Ottawa Restaurants You Need On Your Instagram Feed

Let's be real - in some way or the other, we're always 'doing it for the gram'. Whether that's trying to find the right lighting, saving your pictures with 8 different filters so you can ask your squad for their opinions, or taking 78 selfies that look exactly the same so you can pick which one is the one. And when it comes to your feed itself, you know how important it is to have a balance of everything from food pictures to outfits of the day.

Ottawa is filled with IG-worthy gems. Here are 12 restaurants with atmospheres and food so aesthetically pleasing that no follower will be able to resist feeling jealous af of your insta feed.


1. Tomo // 109 Clarence Street


Yes, this is where everyone takes their bathroom selfies. But Tomo's eye-catching design starts as soon as you walk in - the walls are covered in bright murals, the tables are sleek and minimal, and the bar is set up with beautiful lighting. Aside from their amazing Japanese food, Tomo is worth marvelling at itself.

2. Kinki Lounge & Kitchen // 41 York Street


If you haven't taken a picture of Kinki's statement light sign, have you really dined out in Ottawa yet? Kinki's unique interior is a mix of tables, couches, and lots of room to move around for their late-night after hour DJ sessions. The fun and often quirky decor would make this the perfect addition to your feed.

3. Wilf And Ada's // 510 Bank Street


Retro vibes. Wilf and Ada's is an adorable downtown restaurant famous for their 'scratch' menu - everything is made in-house with local fresh ingredients. From the brick walls lined with quirky art to the cute wooden tables and tiled floors, Wilf and Ada's brings the right blend of 90s' rom-com aesthetic to any picture.

4. Fauna // 425 Bank Street


The Fauna team spent 2 years crafting the interiors and layout of their space - why wouldn't it be Instagram worthy? The sleek and modern design combined with the carefully hung lighting creates the perfect background for a picture of your meal.

5. Local Public Eatery //825 Exhibition Way


The Landsdowne staple. Local is the place for your quintessential "casual night out with friends" picture. The warm atmosphere and glowing lights are the perfect complement to your view of their open kitchen and filled-to-the-brim glasses of beer - all of which are welcome additions for the gram.

6. SOCIAL Restaurant and Lounge //537 Sussex Drive


PM Trudeau ate here so you probably should too. Social's distinct interior evokes elegance and intimacy - the kind of fancy you want your followers to ask you about.

7. Common Eatery //580 Elgin Street


Common Eatery is Ottawa's newest "must-visit" spot. It's design is casual but chic, with notable details that bring the space to life. Everything here, from the gold-tipped stools to the art in the washrooms, carry the same laid-back but elegant vibe - even the walls have been painted by internationally renowned graffiti artists. Common Eatery definitely deserves to be on your Instagram.

7. Eggspectation //171 Bank Street


The "morning after" brunch picture. Eggspectation's Ottawa location is lined with large windows, which gives it a setting filled with beautiful natural lighting. The brick wall interior also brings its simple yet charming atmosphere to life, and the park bench-like tables accentuate the restaurant's brightly coloured details.

8. Gezellig //337 Richmond Road


Cool toned colours and a minimalist aesthetic. Gezellig is a Dutch adjective, translating roughly to "somewhere with a cosy ambience where time spent with family and friends is enjoyed." The high windows, monochromatic decor, and elegant plating come together to create the ideal casual-chic insta shot.

9. Datsun //380 Elgin Street


A bright and open space with eye-catching decor. Datsun on Elgin features modern Asian cuisine designed to share. Their standout recycled-lightbulb lighting, which stands out against the restaurant's monochromatic theme, is a definite feature on many Ottawa Instagram feeds.

10. The Albion Rooms //33 Nicholas Street


Located inside the Ottawa Novotel, The Albion Rooms is a warmly-lit and laid back space designed with a lounge-like atmosphere. Both its relaxing vibe and earth-toned palette of colours are inviting to the camera.

11. Moscow Tea Room //527 Sussex Drive


High ceilings, walls covered in art, and chandeliers galore. Moscow Tea Room, located in the Byward Market, is home to probably the most extensive vodka collection you've ever seen in one place. The decor gives off a luxe Russian feel, and the chilled-out atmosphere is a great place for you and your friends to relax after a long day.

12. Side Door Contemporary Kitchen and Bar //18b York Street

Aside from their Ottawa-famous donut platter, Side Door's decor itself deserves a spot on your Instagram feed. Their interior is sleek and classy with a refined feel.

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