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12 Badass Things You Need To Do In Ottawa

Release the adrenaline junkie inside of you.
12 Badass Things You Need To Do In Ottawa

Sometimes, life can get pretty boring. You find yourself doing the same routine every single day, and getting tired by 9 pm. We all need something that will get us feeling like our true badass selves again. 

We all have some form of badass in us. Whether it's the music you listen to, the clothes you wear, or even just the type of movies you like to watch. But how many of us actually do cool things on the regular? That doesn't count cheating on your diet. So let's release the adrenaline junkie in all of us and start planning to do at least one of these things!

BATL Ottawa // 2615 Lancaster Rd

Axe throwing 

Axe throwing isn't only badass, but it helps you get your anger out. Whether you go with a group of people for someones birthday or just on a Saturday night, you'll have the best time throwing axes into the target. 

Room Escape Ottawa // 1860 Bank St #3

Virtual reality escape room

A virtual reality escape room? Yes please. If you love doing escape rooms, your mind will be blown with this multi-player virtual reality escape room. This is great for someone who is lazy AF but still wants the experience of an escape room. 

Lusk Cave // Gatineau Park 

Hiking through a cave 

Lusk Cave is a beautiful, 10 km long hike that will for sure make you feel like a badass. At one point during the hike, you must swim under water to get out of the end of the cave depending on how tall you are. It's definitely an experience of a lifetime. 

Archery Games // 1860 Bank St #3b


Bring out your inner Katniss Everdeen and play some archery tag with your friends. Archery tag is basically where dodgeball meets archery, and you'll feel so cool (and so Katniss) playing this game. 

Commando Paintball // 4565 Dunning Road and Russell


If paintball doesn't make you feel like a badass, I'm not sure what will. Even the bruises will make you look like a badass, and the memories you'll have from your first experience are like none other. Plus, pain is gain, right?!

Parachute GO Skydive // 1717 Rue Arthur-Fecteau


Everyone knows this question: Would you rather skydive or go bungee jumping? If you're too scare to go bungee jumping, then I think skydiving is probably your next best bet. Located in Gatineau, this is the ultimate badass thing you can possibly do.

Enjoyed the time underwater!! Down to 60 feet🌊It's about conquering the fears lol #scubadiving #diver👌#openwater certification

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Sharky's Scuba // Morrison's Quarry 

Scuba diving 

Morrison's Quarry is located in Wakefield, but it's totally worth the drive. It's one of the most popular scuba diving sites in the region, and you can see why by the crystal clear blue water. The water reaches a max depth of 139 ft. Wow!

Brennan's Recreational Farms // 131 Sullivan Rd


This activity is about a two hour drive from Ottawa, but you'll see why the drive doesn't even matter. You get to run off of a mountain and glide through the air, and you can see the Ottawa Valley so clearly. It's a magical view that will take your breath away. 

Aerial Park // Camp Fortune

Aerial zip line, courses and more

Open rain or shine, Camp Fortune is known for their amazing aerial parks. There are many zip line courses and aerial courses that will bring out the adrenaline junkie in you. If you're afraid of heights, conquer them with this course!

Wilderness Tours // 503 Rafting Rd

Whitewater rafting

There is a range from gentle to extreme when it comes to whitewater rafting with Wilderness Tours, and if you're feeling badass, you need to choose the extreme option. Between the rapids and the calm waters, your heart will be racing throughout it all but the experience will be so worth it.

Ottawa Biplane Adventures // 11 Aviation Pkwy

Vintage biplane rides

If you love to fly, this is such a unique opportunity that you need to do. This adventurous ride holds two people and the wind will be blowing in your hair. You'll definitely feel like a badass riding in this plane!

SkyVenture // 2700 Ave du Cosmodôme

Indoor skydiving, free fall, wind tunnel

If you're too afraid to actually skydive, this is the next badass thing you can do. Even though this would require a trip to Montreal, since we don't have one in Ottawa, you'll thank me later. You'll get to free fall and feel like you're flying, which is what all of us truly want to do one day.

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