Growing up in Ottawa is a lot different from growing up in huge cities like Toronto, or smaller cities like Kingston - Ottawa is it's own kind of "small-big city". With close knit communities and cozy urban planning, growing up and going to school here is its' very own kind of special experience. As much as we all have been through our "I'm leaving this place for good" phases, it's hard to deny that our childhood would've been extremely different if we didn't grow up in Ottawa.

So if you're feeling a little extra nostalgic like me today, here are 12 experiences you've definitely had growing up in good ol' Ottawa.

1. "Is it a snow day?" Was your way of saying good morning to your parents in the winter

We live in a city where winter is basically 8 months long. Let's take a little advantage of it shall we?

2. Your first encounter with dinosaurs "being real" was obviously at the Museum of Nature.

Pre-renovation, obviously.

3. Any visit to the Chapters store on Rideau Street meant playtime.

The good days were back when they still had their bean-bag chairs lying around. No, I'm not moving.

4. Your first official parent-less hangout with your friends was at a mall. One of two.

Rideau or Bayshore - where else?

5. And your first date was probably at either Silver City or Coliseum Cinemas.

We're all still trying to forget about ours, it's okay.

6. The true test of your skating lied solely in the mastery of the legendary Rideau Canal.

Yes I had to write it that dramatically. It is that serious.

7. The first time you realized how much you hated seagulls was at a Mooney's Bay beach day.

Go. Away.

8. Mont Cascades was the OG waterpark.

Calypso, who?

9. Your first camping trip was to Gatineau.

And it was too beautiful to complain about.

10. MacSkimming was the official elementary outdoor field trip.

Remember - waste-less lunches only.

11. Canadian politics has always surrounded your education.

I mean, we do live in the capital city.

12. So much so, that you specifically remember all the times you were late to school because the Prime Minister of X Country came to town.

His schedule's not more important than mine.

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