Coming up with dates that don't include drinks or a movie can be super hard. You'll probably say at one point (or 6) that you don't care, and that the other person should pick. We all know that's 100% not true. 

When it comes to dates that are different, there are a few types of dates that will excite everyone. Dates at a restaurant, outdoor dates or romantic dates for the hopeless romantic. No matter what, there is definitely a date on this list that you haven't done yet, and you'll be able to remember the entire night. 

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Bai Du // 1385 Baseline Rd

This restaurant consists of hotpot, sushi and Korean BBQ which means it's perfect for a date that doesn't know what they want. Oh, and the decor is stunning.

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Zak's Cantina // 10 Byward Market Square

Zak's Cantina is unlike any other restaurant in Ottawa. A sister restaurant to Zak's Diner, this Mexican restaurant will make sure you have a fun and unique date.

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Moscow Tea Room // 527 Sussex Dr

This stunning lounge is definitely one of the more fancy date spots. They're known for their small plates, which includes a ton of Russian dishes.

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Thi Fusion // 500 W Hunt Club Rd 

Thi Fusion is one of the best Thai restaurants in Ottawa. They have multiple locations, but this one has the most romantic and stunning decor. I'd highly recommend the vermicelli.

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Outdoor Activities 

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Karters' Korners // 6336 Fallowfield Rd

This is definitely for the competitive couples. Maybe one of you thinks the other is a better driver and well, this is the perfect place to put that to the test! Winner buys ice cream.

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Picnic // Major's Hill Park 

What is cuter than a picnic under the trees? With the Parliament Buildings in the background, you're bound to fall in love all over again.

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Parc Omega // 399 Route 323 North

If you're both animal lovers, Parc Omega is the perfect place to take your date. You'll get to feed the animals and spend time in nature.

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Morrison's Quarry // Wakefield 

It seems like summer is here to stay in Ottawa, so why not take advantage of it? Morrison's Quarry is sure to make you feel like you've just ventured off to Cuba.

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Romantic Dates

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Nordik Spa-Nature // 16 Chemin Nordik

Nordik Spa-Nature is probably the most romantic place in Ottawa. Whether you're going there to relax or to get a full body treatment, you'll be treated like royalty.

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Mantovani 1946 // 87 Murray St

What better way to be romantic than to get gelato? Maybe even sharing yours with bae, but probably not.

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Jabulani Vineyard and Winery // 8005 Jock Trail

If you and your bae love wine, this is the perfect place to go to. You can do a wine tasting that includes a cheese board and nothing is more romantic than wine and cheese with a view.

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Hiking at sunset // Gatineau Park 

Hiking at sunset is absolutely stunning, and you're bound to fall in love even more. Getting out into nature is refreshing, and with the beautiful sunset all your endorphins will be going crazy.