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12 Places You Can Get Delicious Gluten-Free Meals In Ottawa

Your restriction shouldn't restrict you.
12 Places You Can Get Delicious Gluten-Free Meals In Ottawa

If you experience a food allergy, you know how frustrating it is to eat out at restaurants. You read the menu online before you go, and you're still always worried. Whether that's a seafood allergy or a gluten allergy, it's hard to find places that cater to you. If you're gluten intolerant or have a gluten allergy, don't restrict yourself. You deserve a good and delicious meal!

You shouldn't have to do so much work just because of your allergy. So, I did it for you! These 11 places either are completely gluten-free, or they have a separate gluten-free menu. Even if a restaurant just has a few options, it's way better than nothing. Ottawa is definitely slowly hopping on the health train, so here are 11 places you can get delicious gluten-free meals in Ottawa!

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1. SimplyRaw Express // 989 Wellington Street West

SimplyRaw Express is gluten-free, organic and plant based. They are based around clean eating but that doesn't mean their food isn't anything but delicious. They're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and will definitely have every option you're craving.

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2. Foolish Chicken // 79 Holland Avenue

The meat dish options at Foolish Chicken are all gluten-free except for the cornbread. Yes, even the sides are gluten-free! You can get a full, delicious meal that will definitely not make you feel like you're being restricted at all.

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3. The Green Door Restaurant // 198 Main Street

The Green Door Restaurant carries vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food. It's a buffet sort of restaurant, so each label will tell you if it's either of those three options. You can get whatever your heart desires at this restaurant!

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4. Olive & Chili // 51 York Street

Olive & Chili is 100% gluten-free and completely fresh. In the heart of the ByWard Market, you need to stop by whenever you're in the area. They're open until 8 pm everyday, so it's a great place to eat for every meal of the day!

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5. Aperitivo // 655 Kanata Avenue

Aperitivo is an upscale restaurant that is known for being gluten-free. They have delicious options that you won't even believe are gluten-free, and that's the best part. If you're looking to indulge, I would recommend this place!

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6. Rawlicious // 381 Cooper Street

Rawlicious is a completely raw restaurant that is gluten-free as well. It's also vegan and vegetarian, but this place is completely safe for those who are allergic to gluten. This is a great place to go if you're craving desserts as well, they have so many options that are so hard to choose from!

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7. La Dolce Vita // 180 Preston Street

La Dolce Vita has a completely separate menu for gluten-free options. They offer gluten-free crust for pizza as well as gluten-free pasta. You can technically make any of the dishes gluten-free, as they state on their menu.

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8. The WORKS // Multiple Locations

The WORKS is a gluten-friendly restaurant that tells you all the options that are gluten-free. Don't worry about going to this restaurant and not being able to order anything. If you're not up for a gluten-free bun, you can always order a lettuce wrap as well. And it gets better–all of their toppings except a few are gluten-free!

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9. Pressed // 750 Gladstone Avenue

Pressed is a unique restaurant that is famous for their delicious sandwiches. The best part about it is that they offer gluten-free bread options as well so you won't feel left out. They have other options as well that are gluten-free, just ask if you're looking to specify!

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10. Strawberry Blonde Bakery // 114B Grange Avenue

This adorable bakery is 100% gluten-free, vegan and nut free. Even if you're not any of things, you will still find this bakery so delicious. They've really mastered how to do it right and their products show that gluten-free can still be amazing.

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11. Café My House // 1015 Wellington Street West

Café My House is open for brunch and dinner and they serve completely unique options. Their restaurant is vegan, but most of their options are gluten-free as well. Their options will completely blow your mind and they're so different that you'll want to try everything on the menu!

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12. Pure Kitchen // Multiple Locations

Pure Kitchen is probably the most popular gluten-free restaurant in Ottawa. Like a lot of the others, it's also vegan and vegetarian but they know how to make their dishes more than that. All their ingredients are fresh and they make normal options so unique but taste like the real thing. You won't be disappointed with Pure Kitchen! I recommend the amazing onion rings.

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