Sometimes, you just want to feel fancy AF. You want to grab your bae or your BFFs and drink wine and eat gourmet cheeses and feel rich and famous. Well, I can help you with that.

Charcuterie boards are great if you have no idea what you want to eat, or if you're not that hungry. They're amazing paired with wine and even better, if you split them with someone, they're very affordable. They're perfect for a date night or a girls night and a lot of places let you choose what options you want, so everyone can have a say.

Now that I've got your attention, here are 12 places to indulge in charcuterie boards with the ones you love most:

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1. The Albion Rooms // 33 Nicholas Street

Includes: Your choice of deluxe meats, gourmet cheeses and is served with crostini and picked vegetables.

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2. Murray Street // 110 Murray Street

Includes: Your choice of gourmet meats, Canadian artisan cheeses and crackers.

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3. Erling's Variety // 225 Strathcona Avenue

Includes: A choice of three boards from the Chef. Ask in restaurant for more details.

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4. Brother's Beer Bistro // 366 Dalhousie Street

Includes: An array of cheese options, meat options with gourmet dips which are all served with beer nuts and fig jam.

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5. Salt // 345 Preston Street

Includes: Comes with the chefs selection of four cheeses, homemade crostini's, house chutney and a mix of nuts.

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6. Das Lokal // 190 Dalhousie Street

Includes: Various meats and cheeses which is served with pickles, chutney, and mustard.

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7. Vineyards Wine Bar and Bistro // 54 York Street

Includes: Prosciutto, Hungarian salami, chorizo sausage, triple cream brie, sharp cheddar with spicy hummus as well as mustard and olives.

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8. Beechwood Gastropub // 18 Beechwood Avenue

Includes: A choice of 2 cheeses and 2 charcuterie, as well as crisps and preserves.

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9. Craft Beer Market // 975 Bank Street

Includes: Various cheeses and locally cured meats with preserves, crostini's and mustard.

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10. Simple Coffee & Wine // 89 Richmond Road

Includes: Your choice of a combination of 4 meats or cheeses and 2 glasses of red or white wine.

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11. Taylor's Genuine Food & Wine Bar // 1091 Bank Street

Includes: You can build your own board with different options of meats and artisan cheeses from Ontario and Quebec which also comes with crostini's, chutneys and pickled veggies.

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12. La Roma Restaurant // 430 Preston Street

Includes: Various cured meats from Niagara, local smoked meats and assorted cheeses served with seasonal fruit and house made preserve.

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