12 Reasons Why Justin Trudeau Is The Ultimate Bae

And I'm glad to be a Canadian.
12 Reasons Why Justin Trudeau Is The Ultimate Bae

With everything going on in the United States, we're probably pretty proud to be Canadian and just insiders looking in (honestly, I don't know about you, but I'm fascinated by all of this). We're most likely all walking around with smiles on our faces, knowing we definitely got the better end of the stick in this situation.

Not only do we have a very good looking Prime Minister, but we have one that is for equality, very friendly, and who is BFFs with Obama. Obviously there is way more to becoming PM than just that, I know that. However, to bring a little light to the situation, we should be thankful that this man is who we had the choice to vote for.

So if you're super into the election in the US, then take a second to read this and remember why you love living in Canada. Get a little laugh out of something that isn't about certain candidates. Here are 12 reasons why Justin Trudeau is the ultimate bae:


1. He has Snapchat.

Photo cred:We Heart It

2. He doesn't take life too seriously.

Photo cred:We Heart It

3. He walks in Pride Parades, and fully enjoys it.


4. He willingly does interviews for BuzzFeed. And it's adorable.

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5. He has a true bromance with Obama.

6. He looks like the human version of Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.

7. He clearly ages like a fine wine.

Photo cred:We Heart It

8. Do I even need to explain this photo?

9. Even Kate Middleton is smitten by him.

10. He's a family man.

11. He's hip enough to know/care about who The Weeknd is.


12. He's not him.

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