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12 Struggles Of Riding Double-Decker OC Transpo Busses

Nothing makes an Ottawan's heart more full than seeing a double decker OC Transpo bus roll up at their stop. Riding one can literally change someone's day. When you step foot onto a double decker, it's no longer a commute - it's an experience. Ottawans love feeling like they're in London. Fact.

But, needless to say, double decker busses have their own drawbacks, even if they're not the same as the regular OC busses. An extra deck doesn't give a bus saving grace from complaints.

Here are 12 struggles of riding these busses:

1. The top deck is only tall enough for small children and hobbits.

Literally crouching my way the whole time to my seat.

2. When you're sitting in the back row of the top deck and your stop is next.


3. There's only one exit door.

Fighting to get on/off the back has never been more real.

4. And it takes forever for the doors to open and close.

So intense, honestly.

5. Pulling the yellow string to stop the bus is almost impossible.

Oh, wait. 'Cause there are none.

Photo cred: Twitter

6. There's always a "What if..." scenario in the back of your mind when the bus turns.


7. Walking down the stairs when the bus is moving.


8. The rear-facing seats on the lower level.

Awkwardly staring at the stranger across from you.

9. When you walk up to the top deck and all the seats are taken.

What's the point of taking this bus if I can't be on top. And why are there so many Metro newspapers on the seats.

10. The front row seats on the top deck (the fun seats) are always taken.

Looks like I can't pretend I'm flying today.

11. But sitting at the front in the summer is basically the equivalent of a sauna.

Sweating so hard.

12. Knowing that this may be your last double decker ride for a while.

Can they come to my stop more often, please.

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