As a kid growing up, an unreal cake consisted of a picture of Barney placed onto a cake from the grocery store. These days, things are definitely different. But in the best way possible.

Whether you like cake or not, you have to admit that when cakes are made into pieces of art, they're crazy to look at. It takes the cake decorators so much time to get everything perfect, and that's a huge talent. There are so many talented cake decorators in Ottawa, but these ones stand out in the crowd. I mean, how easy is it to make a marble looking cake? Beats me.

So take a look at all of these cakes, and tell me you're not in awe afterwards. Here are 12 talented cake decorators in Ottawa that will make your cake unreal:

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Valentina's Sweets

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Cake Whisperer

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Bakery Baby

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Ann Ged Cakes

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The Queen's Crumb

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Arnie Sweets Cake Studio

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Sugar & Spice Bakery

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Milo's Pastry

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Sweet Shop Cakes

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Cakeology Cakes

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