Well Ottawa, winter is officially here. At least we're not at that part where it's all brown and slushy, and it actually does look like a winter wonderland wherever you are in the city. However, it can get pretty annoying once we reach the end of December. Everyone wants summer as soon as the holidays are over but there is a good reason why winter can stay around just a little bit longer.

It gives us all an excuse to be lazy, and to complain. I'm kidding... sort of. Winter is the ultimate excuse, and snow makes that excuse so much more valid. Especially since it gets so cold here, there are certain things you should not feel guilty about. Like drinking a bottle of wine to warm yourself up. That's normal, right?

1. Spending all your money on coffee to warm you up.

Let's be real, it's the only reason you venture out in the winter. Need that caffeine to watch Netflix all day.

2. Skipping your 8 am class at Carleton or uOttawa.

K, no thanks. That means I'd have to wake up at 5:30 and that's not something I'll even consider.

3. Telling people you're moving out of Ottawa ASAP because of the snow.

Alright, we get it. You say it every single year and it's still sort of funny. Kind of. Actually, it's not.

4. Only skating on the Rideau Canal to get an Instagram picture.

If it's -40 outside and you're on the Canal, we all know it's not to have fun.

5. Calling in sick to work because of a snow storm.

Whether you drive, bus or bike to work, sometimes it's a big fat no. There are sick days for a reason, right?

6. Spending a ridiculous amount of money on a winter jacket.

Brand name or not, you realize spending a whole paycheque on a jacket isn't so crazy when you face -40 weather daily.

7. Eating copious amounts of BeaverTails.

Honestly, you should never feel bad about this. That's what baggy clothes are for, right?

8. Not using your Movati/GoodLife/Anytime Fitness membership.

Blame it on the #WinterGains.

9. Blaming being late to work on OC Transpo.

It works every time. "I even left half an hour earlier and the bus was still so late!" Aka I was laying in bed for an extra half hour.

10. Declining all offers to go to a party downtown because it's so damn cold out.

Unless we can make fun of all the people standing in the Tequila Jacks line wearing mini skirts, count me out.

11. Eating everything that you felt guilty eating in the summer.

Thanks to UberEats, I'll be ordering Kettleman's Bagels daily. What else are sweatpants and baggy sweaters good for? Does Sweet Jesus deliver?

12. Buying one of your schools sweaters that you've been eyeing for months.

Carleton, uOttawa or Algonquin sweaters are pretty damn expensive, but you can justify it completely with the cold weather. Will you ever take it off? Are you wearing a bra underneath it? No one will ever need to know because winter.

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