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12 Upscale Restaurants In Ottawa For When You Want To Treat Yourself

You deserve it.
12 Upscale Restaurants In Ottawa For When You Want To Treat Yourself

I feel like we don't treat ourselves enough. Treating myself includes eating McDonald's for a meal instead of the classic chicken and veggies. But I wouldn't consider that an upscale restaurant... 

It's nice to feel like royalty and to not care about the price for a night. Even though you'll probably still care, these restaurants are totally worth it. Treating yourself should be a regular thing, and you deserve it! So here are 12 upscale restaurants in Ottawa for when you want to treat yourself. Grab those heels and LBD and hit up one of these fancy spots!

Beckta Dining & Wine

Where: 150 Elgin St

Type: New Canadian 

Why you should go: Beckta Dining & Wine is open for lunch and dinner, and at lunch you can choose whatever is on the menu. However, at dinner it's a three course meal that is totally worth the money. You'll feel like royalty here and the decor is to die for. 



Where: 362 Preston St

Type: Italian

Why you should go: This romantic restaurant is one you should absolutely treat yourself to. If you love Italian food, you'll love how these dishes taste like a home cooked meal but are still fancy AF. 



Where: 537 Sussex Dr

Type: French cuisine 

Why you should go: If you're all about living for the Insta, this place is totally Insta worthy. The food is unique and unlike something you eat everyday, but they still have delicious options for those who aren't as adventurous. 


Chez Le Thai 

Where: 39 Laval St

Type: Thai 

Why you should go: I mean, who doesn't love Thai food? Chez Le Thai is an elegant and beautiful restaurant that has a great patio as well. This restaurant in Gatineau will for sure make you want to make the short drive there. 


Tosca Ristorante 

Where: 144 O'Connor St

Type: Italian 

Why you should go: You probably wouldn't notice this restaurant just walking in downtown Ottawa, but just because it's in a business looking building doesn't mean it's not upscale. Tosca has a wall full of wine bottles, which obviously pairs amazingly with their Italian cuisine. 



Where: 276 Preston St

Type: French

Why you should go: MēNa is a French inspired restaurant that is becoming super popular in Ottawa. It's bright atmosphere and colourful food will make you want to come back daily. 



Where: 345 Preston St

Type: Canadian 

Why you should go: Salt is probably one of the nicest restaurants in Ottawa. From the decor to the food, you'll be dining like royalty. 


Le Café

Where: 1 Elgin St

Type: Canadian

Why you should go: Le Café is located in the National Arts Centre which is right next to the Rideau Canal. They focus on local and seasonal ingredients, which means you know it's fresh. Sitting next to the Canal on a warm or cold day is definitely a treat. 


Play Food & Wine 

Where: 1 York St

Type: Tapas

Why you should go: Play Food & Wine is known for their delicious small plates. If you're a foodie and love trying new foods, this upscale tapas restaurant will blow your mind. 


North & Navy 

Where: 226 Nepean St

Type: Northern Italian

Why you should go: Not only is there menu to die for, so is their decor. North & Navy have unique options that you'll rarely find elsewhere in Ottawa. Their dishes are Northern Italian dishes, which means a ton of their menu is filled with pasta and fish options. 


Amuse Kitchen 

Where: 500 Eagleson Rd

Type: Modern

Why you should go: Amuse is a great restaurant to go to if you don't feel like going downtown. Their modern menu has so many options that will make you feel fancy AF. They also have a few delicious vegetarian options. 



Where: 62 Sparks St

Type: Canadian 

Why you should go: Riviera was previously a CIBC bank and was transformed into this amazing and old school restaurant. It's such a unique restaurant in Ottawa and from the chicken kiev to the lobster spaghetti, you'll always find something you want to try on your next visit. 


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