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These 13 Adele Gifs Perfectly Describe How Ottawa Reacted To The Chateau Laurier Renovation Plans

Let's face it: The Chateau Laurier is the prettiest building in this city. It's like a little Hogwarts right beside the Canal. It's gorgeous and it's a piece of heritage.

So when the renovation plans for the luxury hotel were released, we got a bit defensive. Maybe a bit emotional. Like, what exactly was it we were looking at?

Nothing emulates sadness and raw emotion more than an Adele song, so here are 13 Adele gifs that describe how we all felt:

1. When we learned there were going to be renovations we were kinda excited.

Cause whenever there's something new in the city, Ottawa goes nuts.

2. So we opened our computers...

Just to see what all the fuss was about.

3. ...And then we actually saw the pictures.

4. We were kinda caught off guard.

5. Like, what was this?

They couldn't be serious.

6. But you know what...

It could have been worse.

7. Right?

8. So we decided to get some fresh air.

To clear our heads and think our thoughts through.

9. And then we went for a walk....

10. A long walk...

An emotional walk.

11. And we sang our thoughts out.

We wish nothing but the best for the Chateau.

12. We decided we'll try to get over it.

'Cause we're strong.

13. But we couldn't help thinking what could've been.

Rolling in the deep, Chateau Laurier.

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