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13 Bucket List Drinks You Have To Try In Ottawa This Fall That Aren’t PSLs

Don't be basic.
13 Bucket List Drinks You Have To Try In Ottawa This Fall That Aren’t PSLs

I'm so ready for fall weather (even though now it's taking forever to come). Some of the best things during the fall include cute jackets, scarves, warm drinks, and comfy sweaters. So many people absolutely love Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (PSLs) during fall... I'm not really one of them to be honest (#SorryNotSorry).

Sure they taste good, but give me a s'more's hot chocolate and I am much happier. Sip on something different this fall and try out any of these 13 warm drinks.

Hot Chocolate // Cacao 70 

If you're looking to drink something that literally tastes like melted chocolate, look no further. This is the most chocolatey hot chocolate I have ever had (and I am not complaining). 

Matcha Latte // Uji Café

If you're a matcha lover then this spot downtown is made for you. From matcha cake to matcha tea this place is sure to fulfill all of your matcha needs.

Beetroot Latte // Origin Trade

Try something completely different by sipping on an adorable beetroot latte. Origin Trade sells a range of unique drinks. Last Halloween they made the most amazing candy flavoured drinks, from KitKat to Smarties, let's all hope they bring them back.

Peanut Butter & Pretzel Hot Chocolate // Sweet Jesus

If you love peanut butter then this drink is made for you. From the sweet chocolate to the salty pretzels this drink is liquid gold.  Sweet Jesus sells so many different flavours of hot drinks; Salted Dark Hot Chocolate, S'more Hot Chocolate, Cran-Apple Cider, and Cake Batter Hot Chocolate! 

Froot Loops London Fog // Bar Robo

Okay, cereal coffee? Yes, please. Bar Robo is a cafe by day bar by night. Head here to during the day to study for your exam and go back at night to celebrate.

via @chantelleheeney

Hot Chocolate // Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut 

How yummy does that hot chocolate look?! If you're looking for a super rich and filling cup of hot chocolate head here. 

Lavender Latte // Cafe Cristal 

Ditch the regular PSL and try a lavender latte. This drink is so adorable. If you're looking to try something with a little sprinkle of unicorn then definitely try out this latte. 

Hot Chocolate // Stella Luna 

We all know Stella Luna is one of the best places to go when it's summer, but I bet you didn't know it's also amazing during fall. The hot chocolate here is just as good as their amazing gelato. 

Vegan Matcha Latte // Pure Kitchen

It can be tough finding a drink for a cold fall day when you're vegan. But don't worry Pure Kitchen has always got you covered. Here you can have a warm vegan matcha latte.

Chai Tea Latte // Memories

This restaurant is absolutely adorable. Trying to act like you're not in Ottawa for the day? Head to Memories and sip on a delicious chai tea latte.

Café Vienna // Oh So Good Desserts & Coffeehouse

If you're looking to have a sweet treat along with your warm drink then I would definitely say Oh So Good is the place to go. From absolutely scrumptious cakes to wonderful drinks, this spot is for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

Aroma Coffee // Aroma Espresso Bar

The Aroma Coffee is unlike any coffee you've ever tasted.Chocolate lovers listen up because this creation is basically made for you. Inside the Aroma Coffee are pieces of chocolate which melt underneath fresh espresso... yum. 

Nutella Hot Chocolate // The Ministry of Coffee

The Ministry Coffee knows how to make a perfect cup of coffee and they also know that Nutella is gold. Here you can grab a hot cup of Nutella hot chocolate rather than the usual PSL.

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