A lot of people think that when you've vegan or vegetarian, you can't have all of the great foods you can have when you eat meat, dairy, etc. Wrong. Very wrong.

Ottawa has been doing a great job at expanding their horizons, which means opening more and more vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurants. When you find a good vegan/vegetarian restaurant, you hold onto that place forever. Especially when you find your favourite meal is being made into a vegan option. Vegan eggs Benedict? *heart eyes*

There is no reason you should just be restricting yourself to beans, kale and fruit as a vegan. There are so many delicious options in Ottawa that you must try. I got you. Here are 13 bucket list foods every vegan/vegetarian in Ottawa needs to try!

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1. Asian Stars // 1380 Clyde Avenue

Pad Thai

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2. Grow Your Roots Cafe // 220 Terence Matthews Crescent

Tofu eggs Benny

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3. Strawberry Blonde Bakery // 114B Grange Avenue

Ice cream sandwich

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4. Rawlicious // 381 Cooper Street

Spaghetti Bolognese

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5. Pure Kitchen // Multiple Locations

Artichoke and kale dip

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6. Moo Shu Ice Cream // 477 Bank Street

Coconut + Blueberry & Fig Swirl ice cream

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7. Bread & Sons Bakery // 195 Bank Street

Sausage rolls

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8. RAW Pulp + Grind // 440 Preston Street

Acai bowls

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9. La Belle Verte // 166 Rue Eddy

The Greek pizza

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10. SimplyRaw Express // 989 Wellington Street West

Chocolate mint cheezecake

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11. Chickpeas // 500 Terminal Avenue

Falafel sandwich

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12. Cafe My House // 1015 Wellington Street West

Chipotle BLT

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13. Little Jo Berry's // 1303 Wellington Street West

Hot dog mac 'n cheese

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