So, summer is just around the corner and that means patios, a ton of swimming, and of course, endless amounts of coffee. Whether you like your coffee iced or hot, that doesn't matter. Ottawa is filled with amazing cafes that you probably haven't been to, and summer is the perfect time to discover them. 

I feel like a best friend is the best person to get coffee with. They'll take an Instagram picture for you without question, you can catch up even though you speak everyday, and they're always up for whatever! If you love cafes as much as I do, then you'll love this list of 13 cafes that you need to hit up this summer. 

Little Victories Coffee

Where: 801 Bank St

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Little Victories Coffee is an adorable coffee shop that is fairly new to Ottawa. They sell local donuts from Suzy Q Doughnuts, and this cafe will actually make you feel like you're in a different city because it has such a different vibe.


Morning Owl Coffeehouse + Parlour 

Where: 229 Armstrong St

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Although Morning Owl has a few locations in Ottawa, this brand new location is so Insta worthy. If you're looking for summer vibes, this is it! And even better? They have an ice cream parlour attached to it so you can really feel summery with your iced coffee and ice cream!



Where: 1523 Main Street South

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Quitters is hidden away in cute Stittsville, but that doesn't mean it's not worth the trip! The owner, Kathleen Edwards, is a retired country artist who quit the music business and just wanted to open up an adorable coffee shop. Well, it worked out for her!



Where: 113 - 115 Clarence St

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This coffee shop is unlike any other. Need a haircut and a coffee at the same time? What about a sandwich? No problem! Headquarters not only has the best aesthetic, but they're a hairdresser and a cafe all in one. Of course, the hairdressing is nowhere near the kitchen/coffee counter, but you can see it through clear windows.



Where: 465 Parkdale Ave

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Ever want to just drink a latte surrounded by plants? If you're looking to feel super zen, look no further. Blumenstudio is part flower shop part cafe, and you'll want to leave with both a plant and a coffee in your hand.


Little Jo Berry's 

Where: 1303 Wellington St W

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Little Jo Berry's is an all vegan cafe and it's a must try in Ottawa. They come up with the most unique treats that you'll want everyday for the rest of your life. Summer is when they come up with the best ice cream treats, like vegan ice cream in a watermelon!


Jackson Cafe 

Where: 50 Mackenzie King Bridge

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Jackson Cafe is one of the newest cafes in Ottawa, and can we talk about how stunning it is? This cafe looks like it's right out of a magazine, and I'm not mad about it. It's part of the new Ottawa Art Gallery, so kill two birds with one stone and get a coffee while checking out some cool art.


The Dreamland Cafe

Where: 200 Laurier Ave W

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Ever wanted to make your dreams as a kid come true? Well, at The Dreamland Cafe, you can pretty much do that. They have the most beautiful wall art that is so Insta worthy, and let's talk about the fact that they're a cafe that sells Italian food. So while you're sipping on your ice coffee, don't forget to order some pasta.


My Sweet Tea 

Where: 824 Somerset St W

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Not your average cafe, as in they don't sell coffee, but they sell bubble tea and that's even better. They have so many bubble tea options, and not to mention their cafe is super cute. If you're looking for something cool to sip on that's not iced coffee, stop by My Sweet Tea!


Cafe Cristal 

Where: 240 Kennevale Dr

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If you think there is nothing good about Barrhaven, think again! Once you try out Cafe Cristal, you'll want to make the drive to Barrhaven all the time. They sell delicious coffee, crepes, waffles, and other treats like macarons. The vibe is also super boujee, so if you like that, then you've found the perfect cafe.


Eve Cafe 

Where: 50 Rideau St

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Eve Cafe is a cafe in downtown Ottawa that has the most amazing view. It's pretty much hidden, but you get a clear view of the Chateau Laurier as well as the downtown core. It's hidden in Simons, which is all the way in the Rideau Centre. If you're looking for a low key spot to talk with your BFF, this is it!


Union Street Kitchen Cafe

Where: 42 Crichton St

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Union Street Kitchen Cafe is located in a little house, and the decor and food is to die for. You'll feel like you're on the streets of a big city when you sit on the front steps. They have a ton of amazing treats, but if you want to feel super special, they dust their lattes with flower petals. How cute!


Quelque Chose Pâtisserie 

Where: 379 Richmond Rd

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Quelque Chose Pâtisserie is one of the girliest spots in Ottawa, and we love it. They sell the best macarons, and you can also book afternoon tea here. If this is your aesthetic, then stop by and try out their delicious treats! You won't regret it.