I would eat sushi every single day of my life if I could. That's how much I love sushi.

It's definitely an aquired taste, but once you fall in love with sushi, it automatically becomes your favourite food. Sushi can get expensive if you're going to a fancier restaurant, so thank the heavens that Ottawa is filled with great AYCE sushi restaurants that don't break the bank.

All you can eat sushi spots are great if you're a first timer, or if you've been there multiple times. This allows you to try new things, or get exactly what you usually get, without worrying that you'll get an entire meal you absolutely hate. Since it's a fixed rate at all of these places, you can order whatever your heart desires.

So fill up your stomachs, Ottawa. You won't regret going to any of these 11 delicious places but will probably hate yourself afterwards. It's fine, every sushi lover knows it's expected.

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1. Sushi Kan // Multiple Locations

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2. Banc Sushi // 919 Montreal Road

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3. Sushi Village // Multiple Locations

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4. 1000 Sushi Islands // Multiple Locations

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5. Hokkaido Sushi // 272 Dalhousie Street

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6. Hockey Sushi // 4055 Carling Avenue

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7. Bai Du // 1385 Baseline Road

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8. Ten Sushi // 1490 Bank Street

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9. Mu Goong Hwa Garden // 376 Rideau Street

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10. 168 Sushi Buffet // Multiple Locations

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11. Sushi 88 // 690 Somerset Street West 

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12. A Plus Sushi // 202 Bank Street

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