13 Date Ideas For Ottawa Couples That Are Lazy AF

No heels or makeup necessary.
13 Date Ideas For Ottawa Couples That Are Lazy AF

We all have our days where we don't want to do anything except hang out with bae and mope around all day. That being said, sometimes you get tired of being at home all the time but your energy is still not lit enough to want to do anything crazy.

Fortunately, Ottawa is home to so many activities that lazy couples can do. You won't need to spend hours doing your hair and makeup, choosing an outfit, or struggling in heels. In fact, here's an entire list of things all lazy couples can appreciate:

Nordik Spa-Nature

Where: 16 Chemin Nordik

This should be obvious enough. If you and your boo are lazy AF and just looking to relax, Nordik is a great spa to go! You'll feel hella pampered and it'll be a date you'll never forget!


The Loft

Where: 14 Waller St.

No need to dress up to the 9's because going to the loft can mean wearing sweats and a cozy sweater! This bar-restaurant has a ton of board games that you and your bae can play. Make sure to not get too competitive!


VIP Cineplex Cinemas at Lansdowne

Kick back, relax, and enjoy a newly released movie while you get treated like royalty at the VIP theatres. There's zero requirement to dress up like royalty, however, making this the optimal experience for couples who are honestly just really lazy!

Asia Garden

Where: 886 Dynnes Rd.

This hidden gem is a Chinese restaurant and it is dank AF. It's super underrated and extremely cheap so if you and bae just want to spend the night in, grubbing, this is for you!


Lady Dive

Where: 59 Sparks St.

Get to know your city without having to do anything except enjoy the ride! You'll get a nice tour of Ottawa and you won't even need to drive meaning you can be as lazy as you want.


Go for shisha

Shisha is great because you get to socialize and spend the night out but you don't need to dress up to do so! Grab your sweats and your bae and head out to this inexpensive activity.

168 Sushi

Where: 1760 St. Laurent Blvd.

I'm sure you've heard of that restaurant that lets customers use iPads to place orders, right? Yea, that's 168 Sushi and this all you can eat place is amazing. The lunch menu is also super cheap so you and your bae can grub out!


Talk for hours at a cafe

Take it back to the first date and grab a cup of coffee. This requires so little energy and can honestly be a great chance to catch up and just enjoy each other's presence.

National Gallery of Canada

Where: 380 Sussex Dr.

Enjoy some beautiful art at the NGC! It's free on Thursday's after 5, it's super lowkey, and you it doesn't require much energy. Totally recommend it!


Check out Ottawa's art walls

Totally worth the IG picture, these art walls are oh-so amazing! You and your boo will totally love this activity because it requires little to no energy and you get to experience Ottawa's street art up close and personal.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Where: 901 Prince of Wales Dr.

Leave the makeup and heels at home while you cuddle up to some baby calves. Experimental Farm can be such a fun experience and date idea for lazy, lowkey couples!


Order food at home

Stay in, try on some face masks, pour some wine, and order food! Ottawa has so many great restaurants that deliver straight to your door meaning you won't even need to leave your house to have an amazingly lazy date!

Stay in and catch a movie

For the laziest of them all! Staying in and watching a movie might just be more satisfying than anything else on the list so why not?

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