I think we can all agree that when you see something specific on someones Instagram, and they don't tag where they are, you just instantly feel mad. Like c'mon, help a girl out and tell us where that cool neon sign is, or that cool cafe that's also a flower shop.

It seems like neon signs are a new trend lately, but since they're not super specific to the place, it's so hard to find where exactly it is unless you're brave enough to comment on someones Instagram and them potentially ignore you. I figured I would do the digging for you, and find out where all of these unreal hidden neon signs actually are. 

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Aloha sign // Charlotte Ottawa 

340b Elgin St

Charlotte Ottawa is a new bar that opened up late 2017, and it's been all the rage since. This modern, but classy bar is literally Hawaii if it was in bar form. Hence the 'Aloha' sign as soon as you walk in. If you've seen this all over your feed on Insta and have been wondering where it was, it's probably because the bar is so new!

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What you lookin' at sign // Kinki Lounge & Kitchen 

41 York St

Kinki Lounge & Kitchen is an eclectic restaurant that features every single food you could ever want. From sushi, to steak, to mac and cheese, the list goes on and on. Not to mention they have this beautiful sign in their restaurant that lights up the whole section.

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Get Nailed sign // The Ten Spot 

397 Richmond Rd

I mean, how appropriate is this for a nail salon?! The Ten Spot has a ton of different services they offer, but of course this sign has to do with getting your nails did. If you're looking for a manicure or pedicure, come here and don't forget to take a picture with your new nails against this iconic sign!

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Try Our... sign // Datsun

380 Elgin St

Datsun is a great restaurant that actually has a window if you want order through there! That's where this amazing sign is, that you've probably seen all over Instagram. Datsun is known for their steamed buns, so the sign doesn't lie. The window is open Monday to Saturday from 5:30 to close.

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Hold That Thought sign // National Gallery of Canada 

380 Sussex Dr

This is also a popular sign that you've probably seen everywhere. Located in the National Gallery of Canada, this Hold That Thought sign is the perfect one for Instagram. While the reasoning for this specific saying is unknown, it really doesn't matter. It just adds to the great neon signs all around Ottawa!

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Aloha sign // Paradise Poké 

134 Bank St

You can never have too many aloha signs! Similar to the one at Charlotte Ottawa, however this one gives off a totally different vibe. Paradise Poké is an amazing spot that serves poké bowls and acai bowls, and they're to die for. This spot also resembles Hawaii as well, and you'll feel it as soon as you walk in the door.

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Treat Yo Self sign // Pure Gelato 

843 Bank St

Gelato is the definition of treat yo self, because who can say no to gelato?! This adorable sign is in Pure Gelato, which has two locations. Unfortunately this sign is only at the Bank Street location, but it's so cute you can't even be mad. A picture of you with your gelato is Instagram goals.

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Our Home and Native Land sign // Cornerstone 

92 Clarence St

If you ever want to feel super Canadian, head to Cornerstone in the ByWard Market because that's where this bright red sign is! It's a very patriotic sign, but it looks good on anyones Instagram.

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Burger and fries sign // Burgers 'n Fries Forever

278 Dalhousie Street

It's not only one of the best burger spots in Ottawa, but it's definitely one of the coolest. It's so aesthetically pleasing that you'll want this (and all of their burgers) on your Instagram. Like, how adorable is this sign?!

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Hot Yoga sign // Goodlife Lansdowne Park 

900 Exhibition Way

This hot yoga sign is perfect for if you're super into fitness, or even have your own fitness Instagram. If you're trying to venture out in the New Year and try different things, take a yoga class at this Goodlife and capture the moment for all to see.

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Robot sign // Bar Robo

692 Somerset St W

Cafe by day, bar by night. This super cool bar located in Chinatown is so versatile that you'll fall in love with it no matter what time of day you go. From fruit loop lattes to rock shows at night, you'll 100% want a picture under this adorable robot sign.

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Multiple diner signs // Elgin Street Diner

374 Elgin St

As one of Ottawa's most famous diners, Elgin Street Diner really comes through with all of the neon signs in their windows. Two signs that read Elgin Street Diner, one that says Open 24 Hours and another that says Burgers, Shakes & Fries. If you're super into that whole Riverdale theme, taking a picture here would give your Instagram that exact vibe.

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Tacos Take Out sign // El Camino 

380 Elgin St

Another take out window, another cool sign above it. El Camino is a super popular Mexican restaurant in Ottawa and what makes it even better is the window you can order from. From fish tacos to some of the best churros you'll ever have, this sign is a must if tacos are your fav food.