12 Of The Best Cheap Eats In Ottawa For $15 Or Less

Being hangry ain't fun.
12 Of The Best Cheap Eats In Ottawa For $15 Or Less

When you think about it, food is not cheap. There are apps you can download that tell you how much you spend on certain items each month, and you'd be surprised at how much you actually spend on groceries and eating out. I don't know about you, but from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed, I'm hungry AF. And I'm one of those people that gets hangry. Seriously, don't mess with me when I have eaten in 15 minutes. 

When you're hungry all the time food can definitely add up. Whether you're studying, working a long shift, or just laying on the couch doing nothing, as soon as your stomach rumbles you need food. But do you also want to spend 30 bucks on takeout? I know I don't. 

There is certainly no need to spend your entire savings on food. You can get delicious and hardy food for under 15 dollars! You just need to do your research. But good thing I already did it for you! If you're broke AF or just need to cut back on the amount you spend on food, I gotchu. Don't get hangry, get happy. We have a ton of spots in Ottawa that cater to the #broke life. So here are 13 spots where you can get cheap eats for $15 or less. Enjoy!




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$5 Cheap Eats

Tavern on the Hill

Where: 1223 Alexandra Bridge

Type: Gourmet Hot Dogs

What to get: The Korean (Pulled pork, kimchi, green onion, jalapeño, crispy fried onions)

Price: $7.99

Di Rienzo

Where: 111 Beech St

Type: Italian Grocery & Deli 

What to get: Any sandwich, you can make it your own! 

Price: $6.20

Kettleman's Bagel Co. 

Where: Multiple Locations

Type: Bagels

What to get: Anything from plain bagels to breakfast sandwiches, Kettleman's has it all! The Kettleman's Special (smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato, red onion, and green olives) is the most popular. 

Price: From $1.09 to $8.49

Fiazza Fresh Fired

Where: 86 Murray St

Type: Pizza

What to get: You can either make your own, which is cheaper, or get a speciality pie. The margharita and pepperoni are the cheapest on the menu. 

Price: $7.95

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$10 Cheap Eats

Uji Café 

Where: 215 Rideau St

Type: Japanese Cafe

What to get: Japanese Katsu Burger, which comes with a Japanese drink and styled-fries

Price: $11.95

The King Eddy 

Where: 45 Clarence St

Type: American 

What to get: The delicious eggs Benedict, which comes with home fries 

Price: $11.99

Paradise Poké

Where: 134 Bank St

Type: Hawaiian 

What to get: A signature poké bowl, or their 'build your own paradise' bowls

Price: $13.95

Asian Alley

Where: 8 ByWard Market Square

Type: Asian

What to get: Pad Thai, which you can get with any protein/spice level you want

Price: $13.50

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$15 Cheap Eats

Casa México 

Where: 1489 Merivale Rd

Type: Mexican

What to get: Enchiladas, which comes with refried beans and rice. You can get it with chicken, beef or vegetarian

Price: $15

Petit Bill's Bistro

Where: 1293 Wellington Street W.

Type: Bistro

What to get: Their lobster poutine, which is their most famous dish!

Price: $19 on the lunch menu

1000 Sushi Islands

Where: 129 Riocan Ave

Type: Japanese 

What to get: Their all you can eat lunch special!

Price: $16.99

Mill St. Brew Pub 

Where: 555 Wellington St 

Type: Pub

What to get: The delicious loaded nachos that will keep you full for hours! You can also add chicken for $6 more

Price: $16