13 Ottawa Patios You Must Try To Make The Most Out Of Summer

I'm outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios.
13 Ottawa Patios You Must Try To Make The Most Out Of Summer

Even in the summer, we tend to dread the upcoming winter. Every time someone complains about the heat, you can always expect someone to bring up the cold. So we need to make the most of this sometimes disgustingly hot summer and get outside. By getting outside, I mean sitting on a patio. Are there other ways to be outside in the summer?

We all have that one friend that can't stand the heat and never wants to sit outside on the patio. "It's too hot out! I'll melt!" Honestly, that person is me. However, the summer will be gone soon enough and we will all regret complaining about the heat and the sun that provides us with Vitamin D and effortless tans. So why not make the most out of it while hanging out with friends or maybe drinking a little too much... or both?

I've come up with the 13 of Ottawa's best patios you must try this to make the most of Summer '16. Whether it's hump day, a Friday, a Saturday, or even a random Tuesday, all of these patios are the go-to places to celebrate whatever you want. Got a new job? Got a raise? Even if you didn't huff and puff after running for the bus in +30 degrees, there's always a reason to celebrate with these options!

Atari // 297 Dalhousie Street

Atari is a fun restaurant that has an amazing rooftop patio right in the ByWard Market. Their drink menu is unique and has levels of how strong their drinks are, just so you're aware. Some of their drinks come with cotton candy as well, do I need to say anything more?

Bazille-Nordstrom Restaurant // 50 Rideau Street

This rooftop patio is right on top of the Rideau Centre, which gives an amazing view of Downtown Ottawa. This sophisticated restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and is perfect for delicious food and drinks after a long day of shopping.

Heart & Crown // 67 Clarence Street

This patio is right in the ByWard Market, however way more secluded and private than most.It's a hidden gem, and the decor makes for an amazing Instagram. If you wanna spend a day in the market without the crowds, I suggest going here.

Cornerstone Bar & Grill // 92 Clarence Street

The Cornerstone Bar & Grill patio is literally right in the ByWard Market.It's a huge open patio that is perfect for a hot summer day. It's amazing for people watching or to pre-drink, since it's close to all the popular bars downtown.

Courtyard Restaurant // 21 George Street

This restaurant is so secluded and elegant that you won't feel like you're in Downtown Ottawa. Sort of hidden, this patio shares, coincidentally, a courtyard with other restaurants. This patio would be perfect for a date night with your SO.

Mill St. Brew Pub // 555 Wellington Street

This old fashioned looking house is a beautiful brewery with a great view of the city.With the Rideau River near it, you can really unwind here at this restaurant. Since it is a brewery, the beers on the menu are a must-try while sitting out on the amazing patio.

LOCAL Public Eatery // 825 Exhibition Way #107

A great hangout spot in Lansdowne Park, this patio is always packed.No matter what, you can expect to have a good time here because the environment is so easy going and fun. Whether you're there for drinks or to grab a bite to eat, you won't be disappointed.

El Furniture Warehouse // 77 Clarence Street

This dive bar has one of the coolest patios in Downtown Ottawa.The bar on the roof makes you feel like you're on a rooftop in a much cooler city, and it always has a fun party vibe to go along with it. This rooftop is so open that if you're there on the right day, you can basically get a tan without even trying while sipping on a delicious drink. Best of both worlds.

Pub Italia // 434 Preston Street

Along with having over 200 beers to choose from, also known as the Beer Bible, the decor of this restaurant is so unique and fun. It's colourful vibes make for an entertaining outing in Little Italy. Since this is such a cool spot, be aware that it is always pretty packed during the summertime.

Mexicali Rosa's // 1001 Queen Elizabeth Drive

Mexicali Rosa's is back in Ottawa and in the best spot ever! You can enjoy delicious Mexican food while gazing over Dow's Lake. This relaxing view while sitting on the patio is the perfect summer hangout spot if you want to avoid the market.

JOEY Lansdowne // 825 Exhibition Way #103

JOEY's is a very modern restaurant that has an upscale patio right in the heart of Lansdowne Park. Expect it to be crowded during the summer, however the variety of delicious drinks and food options make the wait well worth it. Stop by any day of the week and try out their drink specials for that day–you won't be disappointed.

Bier Markt // 156 Sparks Street

This patio is filled with couch-like chairs and it's also opened for brunch, which makes any place 10x better. What's unique about this restaurant is for whatever food item is on their menu, they list what beer would appropriately go with that item. So enjoy your perfectly matched meal while relaxing on the large and comfortable patio.

Metropolitain Brasserie & Restaurant // 700 Sussex Drive

If you're from Ottawa, you've probably walked by this restaurant multiple times and admired the outdoor patio.It's time to experience the private patio, surrounded by stairs, live music and a gorgeous low view of Downtown Ottawa. They have menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, so stop by any time of day and enjoy their amazing food and drinks.