Sit back, take a deep breath and listen: This St. Patrick's Day is the first to take place on a Friday in over ten years. It's as if we've been blessed with the luck of the Irish and the calendar has plucked us a four leaf clover. Point being, the last thing I want you -- or anyone to do -- is to waste this golden opportunity.

Ottawa's a city with a long history and extensive pub scene that spans all the way through the Market and all the way down Elgin and Bank. There's no difficulty in finding an authentic Irish pub, whether it's Patty's Pub on Bank Street or the Aulde Dubliner in the Market.

In other words, the possibilities of celebrating the holiday of Ireland's patron saint are almost limitless. For you, we just chose a select few of the huge St. Paddy's events going on in and around Ottawa this Friday:

Origin Trade // 111 York St.

Origin will be offering all-day specials, such as $4 Jameson shots, $7 Guinness and will even be featuring Celtic dishes, like the traditional Irish stew for $7. The lounge will also be offering live music and a DJ.

1848 // University of Ottawa

The U of O's campus bar is offering some of the best student prices in the city for an inexpensive St. Paddy's Day. 1848 will be featuring $6 Guinness, $5.00 PBR (20oz), $7. 50 Fishbowls, $4.50 Irish Coffee and $4.00 Jameson shots. To let all that alcohol sit, they're also offering $2.00 hot dogs and $3.50 nacho chips and salsa.

The Red Lion // 47 Clarence St.

Live music and entertainment will be playing until 2:30am but, best of all, draught of Cobblestone will just be $3 from 11:30am until 4pm.

The Waverley // 339 Elgin St.

Self-dubbed "The Biggest St. Paddy's Bash On Elgin," this party will be offering DJ entertainment and giveaways and also $5.00 Pabst and Alexander Keith's all night. Begins at 9pm.

Patty Boland's // 101 Clarence St.

One of the best Irish pub's in the Market is offering live music and entertainment up until 2:00am, as well as prizes and giveaways throughout the day. Oh, and of course, there will be green beer.

D'Arcy McGee's // 44 Sparks St.

Enjoy some beers in this historical building right next to the War Memorial. This party's going to be bigger than any other year, being D'Arcy McGee's 20th annual St. Patrick's Day party. Live music and entertainment will be provided from 11am until close.

Local Heroes Bar & Grill // 1400 Clyde Ave.

To commemorate their 25th annual St. Patrick's Day, the first 50 people who join in on the celebrations at noon will get a free, green commemorative Molson Canadian glass. Also, the person who dances the best jig will get $100 (as voted by the DJ and the band).

The Senate // 33 Clarence St.

Nothing makes you feel more Irish than, well, actually going to the old country. The Senate is offering ballots throughout the day and night and will make a draw at 7pm for a chance to win you and a friend a trip to Ireland.

Lowertown Brewery // 73 York St.

It's almost spring, so why celebrate indoors? Enjoy some craft beer and live music at Lowertown Brewery's amazing outdoor, heated beer garden.

Fat Albert's and Ralph's Sports Bar // 1571 Bank St.

Enjoy some $5 Guinness and green beer and try some traditional Irish grub, like Shepherd's Pie and Irish Stew.

The Aulde Dubliner // 62 William St.

One of the most genuine Irish pubs in Ottawa and located right in the heart of the ByWard Market. These guys are seriously excited about St. Paddy's. After all, they have had a Guinness countdown clock at the bar for a while now. All the interior furniture at Dubliner has been imported directly from Ireland and there's for sure going to be some great live music on Friday night.

Moose McGuire's // 3320 McCarthy Rd.

Celebrate in South Ottawa with drink and food specials at Moose McGuire's, including $9.95 triples and $1 for an ounce of wine.

The Bourbon Room // 400 Dalhousie St.

Two floors of people dressed in green in what is considered by some to be one of the biggest St. Paddy's Day party's in the city. You can purchase advanced tickets by clicking here.

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