Ottawa and Toronto get compared all the time. No matter what it's about, whether it's deciding who should actually be the capital of Canada or which one is more expensive, it's always a battle. 

Toronto is probably the most well known city in Canada, and it's where all of the celebs go if they want to party it up in Canada. But Ottawa has so many other perks than just being a party city. So here are 13 reasons why Ottawa is so much better than Toronto. Sorry not sorry! (But sorry, cause we're super Canadian).

We had the first ever BeaverTails store. 

I mean, the creator of BeaverTails isn't from Ottawa, but we had the first ever stand opened here and now they're all across the world.

We actually have decent sports teams. 

The Ottawa REDBLACKS won the 2016 Grey Cup and the Ottawa Senators are officially in the playoffs this year. Sorry, when was the last time the Leafs made it to playoffs besides this year? Exactly.

We may have limited bars downtown, but that actually saves us so much time. 

We know what we like and we support what we like. Sure, we may not have 200 different bars on one street, we're simple. We don't need that.

We definitely don't overdo it here. 

Also referring to the point above. We're a simple city that knows what we like, and we get super excited when we get a present like this to show off our city pride.

We speak English and French. 

We may not all, but we're super respectful when someone speaks a language we don't.

We don't freak out over a little snow. 

A huge snowstorm? I'll let you know if it's worse than last year. Snow in May? Nothing we haven't seen before! We just head on out to the slopes and take it all in!

We definitely have more nature than you guys do. 

Gatineau is honestly everything. It's not only beautiful all year round, but hiking on a warm summer day is the best ever. Plus, it gives us something more to do than just sit on a patio and get drunk (even though that's not a bad idea)

Our Prime Minister is proudly from here.

He takes pride in the city, and does anything he can to make sure he's invested in the community. He goes hiking in Gatineau Park, dines at local restaurants, and probably won't be spotted at the Rideau Street McDonald's, but that's fine.

We have credible music festivals that are super fun. 

And we don't have to travel far for them because we actually have open fields here. Bluesfest, Ottawa Jazz Festival, CityFolk, Escapade, etc. Did I mention 50 Cent, Fetty Wap, Pink, and lots of other amazing people are coming to Bluesfest this year?!

Toronto isn't the only city in Canada that has huge block letters of the city name now. 

For Canada 150, Inspiration Village in the ByWard Market has put in huge letters spelling out Ottawa. And no, we didn't copy you.

Ottawa isn't hella expensive either. 

Sure, we're not cheap, but Ottawa is manageable. You wanna live downtown? Sure, no problem. You wanna live downtown in Toronto? You may have to get 3 jobs and 6 roommates. But here it can totally be done.

We have so many hidden gems here since it's a small (but big) city. 

We like our routines here in Ottawa, but once we find something that no one else has found, we need everyone to know. Our city is filled with history, but also mixed with new and exciting things popping up everywhere!

So many amazing celebrities grew up here.

And no, not Drake. We can brag about other even bigger celebrities that grew up here. Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy, Matthew Perry from Friends, Tom Cruise from, well, everything, and so many more.