13 Spots For The Perfect Double Date In Ottawa

Awkward-free zone!
13 Spots For The Perfect Double Date In Ottawa

With cuffing season finally among us, now is the time to get baed up and enjoy having someone to cuddle with during the cold Winter months. What's even better than being baed up is when your BFF also has someone for cuffing season. Why? For double dates, duh!

If you and your best friend both have baes but never know what activities to do together, you're in luck. Ottawa is home to so many activities that are perfect for a double date. For this upcoming weekend, here a list of spots for the perfect double date:

El Furniture Warehouse

Where: 77 Clarence St

The music is great and the food is cheap, plus they've got booths for 4. Warehouse is a great place to go on a double date because you can talk about the food or the music and it's not too intimate or romantic.



Where: 2935 Conroy Rd

If you're looking to have fun and avoid any awkwardness, Skyzone may just be the place for you. It's a huge trampoline park with different activities to do, like basketball, dodgeball, and so much more.


Miwate: Illumination of the Chaudiere Falls

Where: Chaudiere Falls

A little bit more on the romantic side, this light show ends November 5th so it's definitely something you want to check out this weekend. Make sure to dress warm and cozy up with your baes.


Ottawa Wine and Food Festival

Where: 4899 Uplands Dr

C'mon, this one has to be self explanatory. Some wine to get the mood going? Food to talk over? This exposition taking place this weekend is great for a double date! 


Haunted Walk: 150 Years of Canada's Scariest Ghost Stories

Where: 46 1/2 Sparks St

This activity is a little more on the spooky side but definitely something to do before fright season is over. Grab your dates and take a tour of Ottawa's most haunted spots. This is a great way to learn more about the city's history.


Zak's Cantina

Where: 10 ByWard Market Sq

What better way to bond than with tacos? Get to know your dates while you celebrate some of Mexico's finest cuisine. The decor is also totally IG-worthy!


Common Eatery

Where: 380 Elgin St

With a full rose wall, how much more romantic can you get? This upscale Elgin restaurant has a full menu and some amazing drinks. Fellas, if you're trying to impress your dates, this is a go to spot!


Omega Park

Where: 399, Route 323 North

What's a better double date than a road trip to a safari park? Located just outside Ottawa, this is definitely a great double date activity as it offers a completely different and memorable experience!


Allo Mon Coco

Where: 2277 Riverside Dr

Switch it up and go out for brunch instead! Allo mon Coco has some of the best food in Ottawa and your date will thank you for taking them there!


Mini Putting

Where: Various locations

Of course, a classic double date activity! What's cuter or cheesier than mini putting? Let out your competitive sides during this fun activity.


Louis Pizza

Where: 181 McArthur Ave

Your double date will never run out of conversation because of how dank the pizza here is. It's so cheesy, saucy, and thick! It also has some really cool retro vibes that'll make you feel like you're in the 90's.


Skating on the Canal

It's almost that time of the year! Skating on the Canal can be so much fun and such a great time. Just make sure to stop for some beaver tails at some point during your skate. 

Andaz Rooftop

Where: 325 Dalhousie St.

What's cuter than going on a date and having Ottawa's skyline as your view? This is definitely a great double date spot because you get to chat and mingle over the amazing food they serve while taking in some pretty awesome views of the city.


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