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13 Things Only Carleton University Students Think Are Normal

What exactly is considered normal is beyond me, but there definitely are some things that people who don't go to Carleton U would consider abnormal. Not everybody spends their days lurking in tunnels or takes the train to their school after all.

We may be taking different degrees, but there's surely quite a few experiences and struggles we're all sharing on the daily (especially now that we're all back for the second semester of the year). Here's 13 things only Ravens will find normal: 

1. Having classes at 8:35, not at 8:30.

Those extra five minutes don't make sense but they mean the world.

2. Having two lineups at Subway.

It baffles me that people still only use one lineup at UC.

3. Short-Shorts Guy.

Where has he been lately, anyhow?

4. Going to class tipsy after going to Ollie's.

It happens.

5. Taking a train to school.

That's only two or three stops.

6. No neuroscience students.

You can find them at Ottawa U.

7. Tunnels.

Sidewalks are such an Ottawa U thing anyway.

8. Having an 8.0 grade-point average.

Out of 12, though.

9. Scrolling through Spotted at Carleton U during the lecture.

You're doing this right now. Don't lie.

10. The 5:30pm mob that waits for the busses in front of Minto Centre.

A scene straight out of the apocalypse.

11. Hearing the word "CUSA" at least once a day on campus.

Vote or die.

12. Holding a candlelight vigil for the River Building.

Rest in peace. Always.

13. Construction at the new Health Science building.

I miss the sidewalk, I miss the parking lot, but it's all normal now.

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