13 Things To Do In Mont Tremblant For The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Let yourself relax.
13 Things To Do In Mont Tremblant For The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Mont Tremblant is the perfect place to get away for a weekend. Whether it's in the summer, fall or winter, you'll be amazed by the beautiful views that the town has to offer. You can be sure that no matter who you're with, you'll never want to leave.

It's just a short trip away and there is always so much to do. However, this article mentions other activities besides skiing and snowboarding, because that's obvious ;)  So here are 13 things to do in Mont Tremblant for the perfect weekend getaway. Book yourself a little cottage or stay in the village, either way, you'll feel like you're in a dream.

1. La Maison de la Crêpe

The perfect breakfast spot. If you crave salty, sweet or in between, this restaurant has all the options for you. In the heart of the village, you can indulge in delicious crepes for every meal of the day if you desire.

2. Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant

The most relaxing experience you can have is waiting for you in Tremblant! You can enjoy this spa all year round, but in the winter you'll love the body warming package which reduces blood pressure and releases the body of negative energy.

3. Heli-Tremblant

You've never experienced Mont Tremblant like this before. This excursion is more on the expensive side, however, you'll see views you never thought you could. You can treat whoever you're with and get the experience of a lifetime!

4. Place Bonbon

Since you're on a trip, diets don't count anyways. Place Bonbon has every type of candy you could ever want and you'll feel like a kid in a candy store (literally) when you step inside. You can get a rush from this if you're not into the whole helicopter thing.

5. Casino Mont Tremblant

Casino Mont Tremblant has everything you could want and move. They offer brunch on Sundays, a lounge, various shows and of course, a place to hopefully win a million dollars.

6. Via Ferrata

You don't need to be a skilled rock climber to have fun at this activity. It will be an experience like no other, and you can be sure you'll feel safe the way whole. You're clipped in the whole way and will also be able to see amazing views that you'll forever remember.

7. The Village

If you're not as adventurous and like to keep your feet on the ground, The Village is a great place to spend the day. There are various unique shops and restaurants that you'll fall in love with. Also, make sure you take an obligatory picture on the large chair.

8. Microbrasserie Saint Arnould

This microbrewery has been around for 20 years and continues to be a staple in Mont Tremblant. They have unique beers that are definitely worth trying, so we recommend the sampler so you can have everything and more.

9. Coco Pazzo

Coco Pazzo is a gourmet Italian restaurant in the heart of The Village. They give a first course, main course and dessert option and also offer a gluten-free menu. You will not be disappointed at this restaurant, especially when you look at the dessert menu.

10. Mission Liberté

Mission Liberté is an escape room that is set on a pirate ship. You have to find a way off of the ship, which can be so much fun if you're visiting Mont Tremblant with a group of friends!

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11. Bar Cafe D'Epoque

If you're looking for nightlife in Tremblant, this is where it's at. It's always a party here no matter what the weather is like outside and you can be sure this place is always packed. They have themes every single day of the week, so you'll always feel like you have something to do!

12. Le Studio Créatif

Le Studio Créatif is a great way to kill time no matter who you're with. You'll have something to take home with you and remember how amazing your trip was. If you're looking for a quiet few hours before you head out to the bars, you'll definitely feel relaxed here.

13. Dog Sledding

Honestly, could you get more Canadian than this? This experience would be one you would talk about even years after. This excursion takes you through the Laurentian mountains as well as forest climbs and descents.